2 Men Arrested for Imitating Feds, Attempted to Infiltrate Secret Service Including Jill Biden’s Security


Two men were arrested by the FBI yesterday after they raided a Washington, D.C. luxury apartment building. They were Arian Taherzadeh, 39, and Haider Ali, 36, respectively, for a plot impersonating FBI Agents.

The two men were accused of impersonating federal law enforcement, obtaining rifles and handguns to pretend to be Homeland Security agents, and also obtaining other materials.

Since February 2020, the men were pretending to be federal agents and members of a Homeland Security taskforce. They claimed they were part of an investigation team that was investigating other incidents, including the Jan. 6 riot.

According to an FBI affidavit, the Secret Service was able to infuse themselves with them by giving gifts to their members. One of these was a luxury apartment that they rented for $40,000 per year.

One agent on Jill Biden’s security detail was even given a $2,000 rifle. They also loaned a car to the agent’s wife, which they claimed was a government vehicle.  It is not known if the fake agents had access to Jill Biden or any other Secret Service Protectee. As a result, four Secret Service agents were placed on leave.

They “faked” hiring someone to work at DHS, and then assigned the person to “research” a person who was a contractor for the Department of Defense or the intelligence community. As part of the “hiring” process, they also used an airsoft gun to shoot the person. This was done to assess the person’s pain tolerance.

They also informed other residents of their apartment building that surveillance was being done on the building, so they could access personal information and phones.

They were eventually discovered during an investigation by the U.S. of an attack on their apartment building. They were interviewed by the Postal Inspection Service. The couple also used several apartments within the building.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, declined to comment and referred people directly to the Secret Service to provide comments.

This isn’t just strange, it’s also incredibly dangerous. It is also troubling that the agents accepted bribes or were taken in. They didn’t even bother to verify the identities of these people.

It leads to speculation about what was happening here, the ultimate goal of the plot, and who would have enough money to do this for such a long time. Are there more of these people, if they are still around?

More information was released by the court on Thursday:

According to a U.S. attorney in court, “The FBI allegedly discovered body armor, gas masks and tactical law enforcement equipment, a drone with binoculars, a binder containing a list of all residents in the apartment complex (which, the government claims, contains many law enforcement officers the defense community), ammunition, scopes for firearms as well as multiple handguns.”

The court proceedings revealed that Ali claimed to be connected to ISI. This is the Pakistani Intelligence Service. Three Pakistani and two Iranian visas were also discovered.

The original purpose of the plot was not to reach Jill Biden as there was no way to know but to fool the Secret Service into trusting them. The alleged plot was started in the month that President Donald Trump took out Qasem Solimani in January 2020.

We hope that the investigation will get to the bottom of it and reveal the goal.