300+ Black Churches To Play Cringy Video Of Kamala Begging Black Virginians To Vote For McAuliffe


Who wants to tell the McAuliffe campaign how UNLIKABLE and unpopular Kamala Harris really is?

Holy. Crap.

This is … this is bad.

So bad.

And so much cringe. All the cringe. How damn insulting to Black Virginians to assume the sorta Black VP pandering to them with stories about singing in the choir will convince them to vote for McAuliffe.

Beyond that it’s likely illegal (and it’s definitely unethical), we don’t see how Kamala appeals to Black Churches or to ANYONE really. She is more unlikable than even Hillary Clinton; honestly, we’re shocked Kamala didn’t break out a bottle of hot sauce at the end while cackling uncomfortably.

Souls to the Polls.

When do they send a video to the ‘White Churches’?

Shameful and condescending garbage.

Boy oh boy, don’t Democrats LOVE lecturing people about the separation of Church and State? But somehow THIS IS OK?

It’s not.


Oh, that’s the other thing.

For being her ‘good friend,’ she sure doesn’t know how to pronounce his name.

When even French is saying this is bad?

Yeah, it’s bad.

Glenn Youngkin should send Kamala a thank you card or maybe count this as an in-kind contribution because WOW, this will not help Terry.

Or sadly, these ‘Black Churches’.

Author : Twitchy

Source : Twitchy : Not TODAY, Satan: Terry McAuliffe finds out the HARD WAY that 300+ Black Churches playing Kamala Harris video BEGGING them to vote for him is a bad move