51 Lawmakers Warn Biden Immigration Order Could Make Border Crisis Catastrophic Overnight

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Dozens of House Republicans recently warned in a letter to President Joe Biden that his immigration policies, combined with an executive order he signed, are threatening to turn the crisis on the southern border into an all out “catastrophe overnight.”

“Biden has stopped construction of the wall at the southern border, proposed a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants, strengthened protections for recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and sought to impose a 100-day moratorium on deportations,” Fox News reported. “He has also ordered a review of the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), which keeps migrants in Mexico as they await their immigration hearings.”

The letter specifically called out an executive order signed by Biden earlier this month that threatens to completely send the border crisis into utter chaos:

Notably, the Trump Administration’s policy to use 42 U.S. Code § 265 is perhaps now the only policy ensuring the southern border is not immediately rushed. Unfortunately, however, just last week, you signed another Executive Order threatening the longevity of this crucial policy. If title 42 is indeed rescinded, the daily illegal flow will become catastrophic overnight.

Title 42 gives the federal government the right to ban people from entering the U.S. from foreign countries for purposes related to public health. The Trump administration used Title 42 in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Some local law enforcement officials have said that the Biden administration is allowing illegal aliens to enter the U.S. without receiving a coronavirus test to make sure that they do not have the disease that has brought much of the world to its knees over the last year.

The lawmakers highlighted Title 42 because of an order Biden signed that ordered relevant federal agencies to “promptly review and determine whether termination, rescission, or modification” should be made to the remaining policies of the Trump administration. The order specifically instructed federal officials to review the use of title 42.

The letter added:

Based on information from sources on the ground, this week Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents have seen the average daily flow soar to more than 3,500 migrants, up from 2,000 earlier last month. Border Patrol’s 21 -day average has risen to nearly 3,000. The number of unaccompanied minors illegally entering our borders is closing in on 300 per day. CBP hasn’t seen numbers like this since the height of the immigration crisis in the summer of 2019. CBP has already encountered over 200,000 illegal migrants since October and numbers are rising. For context, in the first three months of fiscal year 2020, CBP encountered 128,347.

In Arizona, law enforcement officers have seen increases in illegal foot traffic in areas that “went completely dead” under the Trump Administration. Illegal migrants are not just coming from our southern neighbors either, for example, last Monday, Border Patrol agents arrested 11 Iranians after sneaking across the border in Arizona, pushing the number of Iranians apprehended in the Yuma sector since October 1st, to 14. By any standard – these are crisis level numbers being driven by the new administration’s open border policies.

The lawmakers reminded Biden that the “fundamental responsibility of the federal government is to protect America, not to ignore the law and to actively encourage, incentivize, and facilitate illegal migration in ways that empower cartels and endanger both American citizens and migrants wrongly being encouraged to succumb to the perilous journey.” The lawmakers also urged Biden to not let his administration’s political ideologies blind him from “the need to secure the border, to defend Americans, and to prevent another cartel-empowering humanitarian crisis.”

Former acting ICE Director Tom Homan has slammed Biden in recent days, saying that the crisis on the southern border was not an “accident” but was “by design” and is the result of believing in open borders. Homan also said that Biden was wanting to flood the country with illegal aliens because he is looking to increase the Democrats’ political power.

Author : Ryan Saavedra

Source : Daily Wire : 51 Lawmakers Warn Biden Immigration Order Could Make Border Crisis ‘Catastrophic Overnight’