Abrams: Don’t You Dare Compare Me And Trump For Refusing To Concede

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Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate turned election “expert” Stacey Abrams on Sunday refuted the claims that her criticism of President Donald Trump is unwarranted because she refused to concede the election to her opponent, now-Gov. Brian Kemp (R). Abrams told ABC News’ Martha Raddatz that comparing her situation to Trump’s is somehow comparing “apples to bowling

Do you believe that President Trump’s unsubstantiated claims that the election there [in Georgia] and across the nation was rigged will hurt him there [in Georgia]?” Raddatz asked.

“I think it’s always dangerous to undermine the integrity of elections without evidence,” Abrams replied. “When we challenged voter suppression, we were able to prove it, we were able to correct for it in many ways and that’s why we saw a dramatic increase in turnout from 2018 to 2020, where more voters were able to cast their ballots and have those ballots counted.”

The failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate said Republicans are continuing to “undermine the election,” which she believes is “having a deleterious effect” on the Republican Party.

Raddatz pointed out that Abrams refused to concede to now-Gov. Brian Kemp (R) back in 2018, something Republicans have said is no different than what President Donald Trump is doing.

“I know you say that’s different, that there are different circumstances but are you concerned about that reputation?” the ABC News anchor asked.

“It’s not simply different circumstances. It’s apples and bowling balls,” Abrams replied, clearly offended. “I pointed out that there were a series of actions taken that impeded the ability of voters to cast their ballots. And in almost every one of those circumstances, the courts agreed, as did the state legislature. We saw the evisceration of ‘exact match.’ We saw ‘consent decree’ to make sure people could vote by absentee without having their ballots discarded. We saw expansion of training and investment in local polling places so people have the ability to go and cast their ballots. We saw reduction of lines from eight and 10 hours to 30 minutes, two hours. These are all things we’ve proven both in court and we sought remedies to.”

“By contrast, President Trump has lost every single one of his challenges in the State of Georgia and he has no evidence,” Abrams said. “In fact, an audit – I think the fourth one of this election – found that there was zero fraud in our signature match process.”

The one exception to the signature match process, Abrams said, was a woman who inadvertently signed on her husband’s behalf.

“Otherwise we know the signatures match and the process works,” she said.

The reason Republicans are frustrated with the courts is because they have repeatedly dismissed cases and failed to hear the evidence President Trump and his team have. It would be different if the courts heard arguments and it was a straight out loss. But it’s not. Trump’s legal team has filed three lawsuits with the Supreme Court. And, as of now, all three are just sitting there. They have not been heard.

Author : Beth Baumann

Source : Town Hall : WATCH: Abrams’ Reaction to Being Compared to Trump