Alleged Perverts, Including 3 Disney Employees Caught in Florida’s Trafficking Sting


According to a Wednesday statement by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, 108 people were taken into police custody as part of an undercover operation to help victims. Three of the. people taken into custody were Disney employees. Operation March Sadness 2 launched on March 8. It lasted for six days.

“Detectives identified prostitutes who advertised online and also John’s seeking prostitutes.” Four men were detained online for preying upon children.

Sheriff Grady Judd stated, “The arrests and convictions of a human trafficker and four child predators make them worth it. Online prostitution facilitates and encourages traffickers. We want victims to be helped. We also want to detain all people who profit from human exploitation.

Police report Judd provided details about suspects that he found particularly troubling during Wednesday’s press conference.

Among them were Disney employees and a worker at Fun Spot family amusement parks, a woman accused of trafficking another girl, and a retired Illinois judge.

Xavier Jackson (27-year-old Disney Lifeguard) was arrested for sending explicit photos to a detective believing he was a 14-year-old girl. Ralph Leese, a computer technology worker at Tomorrowland’s Starlight Cafe and Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe was also arrested for allegedly looking for prostitutes.

PEOPLE confirmed that Walt Disney World placed the three employees on unpaid leaves.

Ironically the Disney Corporation, which has a prominent presence in Florida was in the news because it criticized Parental Rights in Education. It’s likely that Governor Ron DeSantis would sign the measure.

At a shareholder meeting last week, Bob Chapek, Disney CEO, stated that “[we] were against the bill from its inception.” The House of Mouse didn’t publicly declare a position, as it believed that it would be more efficient to engage directly with legislators from both sides of the aisle. It also announced that it would donate millions of dollars to LGBTQ+ organizations.

WPTV quotes Gov. DeSantis stating that “the chances of me going backward in the commitment for students and parents’ rights simply due to fraud media narratives, or pressure from woke companies is zero.”

DeSantis stated, “And when businesses make a fortune catering for young children and being family-friendly, you know that they must understand the fact that parents don’t want this in their kindergarten classroom.” They don’t want their first-graders being told they can choose from different genders.

Recent polling shows that Florida’s child protection law is supported by the majority (62%) of voters and parents (68%) respectively.