Amazon Caught Bending the Rules For China


A special report by Reuters shows that Amazon has been bending over to China for the past decade. They have deleted negative reviews of the collection containing President Xi’s speeches and writings in order to please their Communist masters.

It’s also known as “kowtowing” by the Chinese, which means to “kneel on the ground with your forehead in worship or submission as part of Chinese custom.”

Amazon will just shrug it off and say that it’s a cost of doing business with China. It must have been worth it for Jeff Bezos (the founder and major shareholder of Amazon). It’s a bit nauseating to see an American company so ignorant of our rights.

Amazon has no star ratings or reviews for this book on sites that are accessed from China.

Two people familiar with the matter said that the censorship request was made after reviewers gave the leader’s book less-than-stellar marks.

According to a source, it was a negative review that prompted the wholesale ban of ratings and reviews on the book. It was to prevent the book from being listed on Amazon China.

Amazon claims they do nothing other than follow the rules of the host country. According to Reuters, Amazon claims that their propaganda partner in China is CIBC. However, CIBC is only one of many partners selling products on Amazon’s website.

Amazon responded to questions by saying it “complies to all applicable laws and regulations wherever we operate, including China.” This includes books some might find objectionable.

Amazon is aware of exactly what it is doing in regards to kowtowing the Communist Chinese government. However, Amazon has chosen oppression or censorship. One internal Amazon document states that ideology control and propaganda are the keys to the communist party’s success. “We don’t make a judgment on whether it is right and wrong.”

Maybe they should.