An Even Higher Tech Lynching of Clarence Thomas


Justice Clarence Thomas described the personal attacks against him during his 1991 confirmation process as a “high-tech lynching.”

The Left has gone crazy, making every corner of the internet and Twitterverse and cable news into a new personal attack against Justice Thomas, but also Ginni Thomas. The Left actually plans to attack Justice Thomas via his wife. Let’s forget about the vile implications of attacking a husband via his wife and instead focus on the merits.

It works like this. Ginni Thomas lives a separate life from her husband’s Supreme Court role. She is a person who holds her own beliefs and has many professional friends and acquaintances. The Left hates Justice Thomas’s occupying a seat on the Supreme Court. We will find out why. Therefore, any means necessary to annihilate him must be taken.

According to the battle plan, Ginni Thomas is involved in conservative causes. She shouldn’t. Ginni shared with President Trump her opinions that the White House’s establishmentarian staff were blocking his agenda. She should have kept silent.

Ginni Thomas sent Mark Meadows her thoughts about the 2020 election. Of course, nobody should ever talk about that.

Justice Thomas and his wife were attacked in the 2022 high-tech lynching.

This higher-tech lynching, which is no longer satisfied with three national newscasts a night to serve the radical feminist Left, is no longer dependent on NPR’s drone to amplify Anita Hill’s fever dreams and no longer tied to dead-tree news to push NAACP gobbledygook. It is fuelled by left-wing Philanthropy, which permeates 2022’s news cycle.

This high-tech lynching even found nearly 40-year-old videos from Ginni, who shared heartfelt personal experiences.

The high-tech lynching of the wealthy is fast-paced and free from any restraints of truth or accountability, which were still in place in 1991 were merely hi-tech lynching. The House is now controlled by the Democrat Party, a change that was not possible in 1991.

The Democrats of 1991 have a greater resemblance with today’s Republicans than the Democrats of 2022. They are addicted to authoritarianism. It is even taught in schools. It is considered violent speech if you disagree with their orthodoxy. You must cancel any speech that is related to ideas that were mainstream 10 years ago.

This is the Democrat Party of 2022. Power is the central organizing principle. Race and immutable characteristics (except for birth gender) are sanctified. Privileges are allocated based on race, just like the segregationists of a century past.

This brings us back to the reason they hate Justice Thomas so much.

First, he was once one of them. Second, there is no more than a heretic to the Left heretic, except perhaps a racial one.

Anyone who has seen “Created Equal” (the excellent documentary) knows that Justice Thomas was once a young man, filled with anger and rage. This is what drives the entire Democrat racialist agenda. He is now one of the most fervent opponents of using race to allocate power or privilege because he realizes it is a crime.

This has huge implications for race grifters, who have used race to build power, prestige, and homes on Martha’s Vineyard. Some are consultants. Others are lawyers. Some are ex-politicians. Either way, it is wrong to use race to discriminate against someone. As if America’s 300-year history didn’t prove that.

Simply put, Justice Thomas’ views about race and power are threatening the business model for thousands of powerful and wealthy people from the boardroom to the courtroom. Without mentioning abortion, what discussion about the high-tech lynchings would be complete?

Pro-abortion supporters would do anything for Justice Thomas to be removed from the Court. Since 1992’s Casey vs Planned Parenthood, the pro-abortion movement has been losing ground among Americans. Blame ultrasound machines. Blame neonatal technology. Blame the new generation of pro-life activists, who have displayed the same courage and determination as to the Suffragettes of 150 years ago. They are winning, in any case.

Justice Thomas, however, is threatening an even larger lobby–the statists or the swamp, or whatever name you wish to give a government that is so large it is not anchored from the people. His views on the Second Amendment, the importance and effectiveness of firepower in oppressed areas, and individual liberty and freedom are in direct opposition to Leviathan.

At least one American city has been devoted to power.

Justice Thomas is one of the few who stands in the way of America’s great American dream being destroyed. When you see this, you will be able to understand the terrible lengths they will go for Justice Thomas’s obliteration, even if that means going through his wife.