ANOTHER Pedofile at CNN!


Project Veritas made public text messages from Rick Saleeby to Jake Tapper, revealing that he was Jake Tapper’s former CNN producer. Now, law enforcement is investigating. He was seen in the texts soliciting photos from underage girls and detailing graphically what he wanted to sexually do with his fiancee’s teenage daughter.

Detectives from the Fairfax County Police Department’s Major Crimes Bureau are investigating Rick Saleeby’s case. Saleeby was a former senior producer for the network. The police department released a statement on Thursday. A spokesperson for the police department stated that he could not provide further details.

The worst part of this story is Janine Bonnani (a former sex worker who was a victim of human trafficking) was the woman who whistled about Saleeby. They refused to take her evidence to the police. It’s now worth investigating after Project Veritas became involved.

Bonnani said that he met Salaeby about ten years back when he was trafficking me. “I met him on BackPage, and he called me to buy sex. I went to the casino, and that was how it all began. He thinks he can trust me with all my problems because of my past and everything that I’ve gone through. But it’s exactly the opposite. It has frustrated me.”

Saleeby’s fiancé wrote Project Veritas a thank you letter, thanking them that they brought the texts to her attention. She also reported that Saleeby had left her and she protected her daughter.

Following the arrest of John Griffin, a CNN producer, and Chris Cuomo senior producer, Saleeby was also investigated. Griffin was charged with trafficking in a minor. He allegedly flew his mother and her nine-year-old daughter across state borders to rape the child. Like Saleeby, Griffin fantasized about “mother and daughter” sex.

The two incidents should prompt a company-wide investigation into whether CNN has a pedophile ring within its ranks. But don’t expect it. CNN has not reported Rick Saleeby’s resignation and arrest for alleged involvement with minors. What is the deal?