Anti-Cop Antifa Protest Turns Violent

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

An Antifa-planned anti-police protest in Tacoma, Washington, turned violent Sunday night. Antifa planned the rampage after a Tacoma police officer drove his cruiser through a crowd of people on Saturday night.

Antifa took to the streets of Tacoma Sunday night and began smashing windows of businesses, cars, and government buildings, according to multiple tweets posted online. Antifa planned the protest for 9 p.m. Sunday after a Tacoma police officer injured two people while driving his police SUV through a crowd of people gathered at a street racing event, Breitbart News reported.

Videos tweeted by social media journalist Kitty UnShackled shows the windows of vehicles and a county government building being smashed by Antifa rioters.

Another video shows Antifa blocking a roadway and setting fires in the middle of the street.

Journalist Brendan Gutenschwager tweeted multiple videos showing protesters marching in the streets and at least one fight breaking out.

Police appeared to be nowhere in sight as rioters marched down the street destroying business fronts at will.

Protesters arrived at the county jail and yelled for prisoners to be released, Tacoma News-Tribune journalist Joshua Bessex tweeted.

Police finally arrived and formed a line. Protesters advanced on the police.

Author : Bob Price

Source : Breitbart : Anti-Cop Antifa Protest Turns Violent in Tacoma, Washington