Anti-Trumping ‘Lincoln Project’ Is Always Wrong


President Trump gave an inspirational speech at West Point on Saturday, pitched at the Class of 2020, which will carry the burden of seeing the country through this turning point in its history.

Not that you would know much about the speech because the usual suspects — including formerly respected military leaders — decided yet again to rain on the president’s parade, drowning out a unifying message with their latest creative iteration of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

For them, no crisis is so serious that it can’t be grafted onto their psycho-narrative that Bad Orange Man is to blame for everything that has ever gone wrong in America.

Democrats are despicable in their mendacity, race-baiting and incitement of violence, but they have the excuse of trying to win an election.

It’s Never Trumpers who deserve the most scorn, especially the inadequates from the Lincoln Project. With anarchy on the streets and China on the warpath, they empower America’s enemies. We must never forget their treachery. They claim to be conservatives, yet they do everything they can to ensure America falls into socialist hands in November.

They style themselves as defenders of the traditional GOP, yet they endorse Joe Biden, with his problematic moral history, and promise to disarm Americans.

The Lincoln Project is the brainchild of embittered former GOP grifters who failed to anticipate the Trump phenomenon and were not talented enough to overcome their miscalculation.

Trump derangement is the only occupation open to their washed-up careers, so they are doomed forever to tilt at windmills.

Out of respect to Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, it’s best not to examine too closely the hangups of her husband, Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway, other than to point out the cruelty of a husband constantly excoriating his wife’s boss in public. You wouldn’t do that to your worst enemy.

But his behavior sums up the character of those who claim they are campaigning against Trump on character grounds.

Psychological projection is the hallmark of the Trump-deranged. Deeply unhappy, they pour their self-hatred into the president like adolescents raging against an absent father.

In the past three months, the Lincoln Project has released three virulently anti-Trump videos, blaming him for the pandemic, accusing him of treason, racism and white supremacy.

“If we have another four years like this, will there even be an America?”

They also ran a saccharine TV ad endorsing Biden in Wisconsin and Michigan: “A record of service . . . a bipartisan leader . . . the man for the moment . . . strength and character . . . he’ll unify this nation again.”

In the past few days, George Conway and pals have called into question the president’s health and sanity because he walked tentatively down a slippery ramp, accused him of endangering the lives of supporters by holding rallies, called his followers “plague-bearers,” celebrated his declining poll numbers and crowed about a story that North Korea “might do something provocative this fall to punish Trump.”

In a podcast, Conway described the president as a “psychopath” with “no morals, no conscience, no capacity for remorse, no fundamental beliefs,” “no human being with a conscience or a soul,” a “soulless man with a broken mind,” “conscienceless, remorseless, appears to be a human being but isn’t” and wearing “orange make up and poufed hair.

Amid this tumbling stream of invective, he gratuitously quoted “my wife.” Yep, he has a problem.

Everything that’s bad for America these Never Trumpers treat with undisguised glee as a weapon to bash the president they loathe.

Their super PAC has collected $2.6 million to target white college-educated suburban voters in swing states who voted for Trump in 2016, and to target Republicans facing tough election battles, even Trump-skeptic Maine Sen. Susan Collins.

They give succor to fellow Never Trumpers, including some retired military leaders, who are ramping up the rhetoric as the election draws near. Most recently, disgruntled former Defense Secretary James Mattis suggested Trump was employing “Nazi” tactics to divide the country.

And on the eve of Trump’s West Point commencement address to the class of 2020, a group of political alumni wrote to the graduates a hysterical open letter excoriating Trump, saying he “threatened to use the Army in which you serve as a weapon against fellow Americans engaging in these legitimate protests.”

Yet past presidents have deployed military personnel without the threat of mutiny, including during the 1992 LA riots.

So rancid and hyperbolic is this abuse that it probably will end up helping Trump electorally even as it damages the country.

On Saturday, by contrast, the president upheld American patriotism to the applause of West Point’s newly minted second lieutenants.

“The survival of America and the endurance of civilization itself depends on the men and women just like each of you,” he said.

“It depends on people who love their country with all their heart and energy and soul. It depends on citizens who build, sustain, nurture, and defend institutions like this one.”

“What has historically made America unique is the durability of its institutions against the passions and prejudices of the moment.”

Compare these sentiments to the bile of Never Trumpers and you see the treachery of people who hate the president more than they love their country.

Author: Miranda Devine

Source :Ny Post : Never Trumpers are always wrong: Devine