Antifa Rioters Burn US Flag, Storm Courthouse, And Clash With Police In Portland


Antifa protesters burned U.S. flags, stormed a bank, and clashed with police outside a federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, on Thursday.

The original protest, intended as a demonstration against Immigration and Customs Enforcement, escalated when agitators began smashing a federal courthouse and burning American flags, according to the Daily Mail.

Protesters could be seen in videos posted on social media setting fires around the courthouse.

Antifa set fire to the federal courthouse in downtown Portland,” journalist Andy Ngo tweeted. “There are people inside.”

In another video, federal agents could be seen deploying tear gas and firing pepper balls into the crowd as they attempted to restore order.

Rioters also attempted to break into a Chase bank and appeared to be kept at bay by an armed security guard.

Rioting has become common in Portland since last summer, and the city at one point last year witnessed violence in the streets from Antifa for 100 days in a row.

Author : Andrew Mark Miller

Source : Washington Examiner : Antifa rioters burn US flags, storm courthouse, and clash with police in Portland, Oregon