AOC Says Biden Exceeded Progressive Expectations In First 100 Days


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave President Biden a progressive thumbs up for his 100 days in office Friday night.

The Biden Administration and President Biden have definitely exceeded expectations that progressives had,” Democratic Socialist Ocasio-Cortez said during a virtual town hall meeting.

“A lot of us expected a much more conservative administration.”

Ocasio-Cortez gave Biden her leftist seal of approval largely based on his actions in pushing through the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package, known as the American Rescue Plan.

She said his willingness to show flexibility in negotiations has been “very impressive” and led to the passage of “progressive legislation.”

“It’s been good so far,” the congresswoman said.

But the lefty firebrand said Biden’s handling of infrastructure legislation will be a “key” test on whether the president will continue to be bold or the American Rescue Plan turns out to be a “one and done situation and we’re going smaller.”

Ocasio-Cortez complained that Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan is inadequate, particularly the provision that sets aside only $40 billion to renovate crumbling public housing.

She also revealed at the town hall meeting that she will not be able to attend Biden’s first state of the union address due to COVID-19 restrictions limiting the president’s audience to 200 people.

This story first appeared in the New York Post.

Author : Carl Campanile

Source : Fox News : AOC says Biden ‘exceeded’ progressive expectations in first 100 days