AOC Says She Is Voting In Person


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), a huge proponent of mass vote-by-mail, revealed Sunday she is voting “early and in person” this year.

“I am voting early and in person. What’s your voting plan?” the New York lawmaker asked, days after discussing the importance of voting on Instagram live following the news of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death:

Ocasio-Cortez has remained a fierce supporter of mass vote-by-mail, particularly throughout the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. In April, far-left members of the “Squad” touted a list of demands they believe needed to be included in the next round of coronavirus relief.

Demands included cash payments to illegal immigrants, as well as mass vote-by-mail:

In June, Ocasio-Cortez declared the GOP resists mass vote-by-mail because it “chips away at their ability” to “target and disenfranchise Black voters and people of color.”

Notably, last week, Joe Biden (D) — who has also championed mass vote-by-mail — voted early and in person ahead of Delaware’s primary:

On Friday evening, Ocasio-Cortez offered a pep talk to concerned progressives, urging them to check their voter registration and explaining that the election is “not about whether you agree” with Biden. Rather, it is about allowing democracy to “live another day.”

What I’m here to say is that this year, this election voting for someone — voting for Joe Biden is not about whether you agree with him. It’s a vote to let our democracy live another day. That’s what this is about,” she said, pressing progressives to show up at the polls and “act in solidarity” for the “most vulnerable” people in America.

“You are the answer. Mass movements are the answer. Millions of people are the answer. You are the answer. And so I need you. We need you. Even in Congress, we can’t do it alone. So we need you to show up,” she continued, concluding that “November’s about survival.”

Author : Hannah Bleau

Source : Breitbart : Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says She Is Voting in Person