Apple Asking Employees to Return to Work, Makes Them Racist?


Another file is for “You can’t make these things up!” Folder: Apple employees tell the company they were racist when asked to return to work. The left is changing the word racist to mean, “anything it doesn’t like.”

In an open latter, around 200 Apple employees from a group called “Apple Together” complained about the company’s decision to have workers return to the office after the long COVID hiatus.

This whiny diatribe sounds exactly like what your 13-year-old would write to you to convince them not to go to school tomorrow. Of course, you will be going to work.

span ID=”25 makes Apple younger, whiter, and more neuro-normative.

They believe it, even though it is hard for others to understand why.

Apple CEO Tim Cook stated to staff that employees must be at the office at minimum once per week beginning April 11. They said that only the most privileged people could manage the demands of the job.

Some privileges include being born in the right area so that you don’t need to move, having the ability to move to another country/city when you are young, and having your spouse share the responsibility.

These challenges are exactly the same as those faced by workers since the beginning of time.

Imagine how amazing it is to work for one of the most successful companies in the world. Their boss tells them what they should do.

We don’t want anyone to be forced to work remotely. Our direct managers and we will decide which arrangement is best for us.

You are not a student. You are an employer. They can give you advice and, if necessary, let you know.

Collaboration is great. Everyone knows the benefits of collaboration in person. The Hybrid Work Pilot allows everyone in the group to be together whenever it’s needed.

Imagine what it would be like if truck drivers or gardeners decided it was too difficult to get up each morning to go work.

Zoom, Slack, and Google Meetings were great tools that helped us discover new ways to work during a crisis. These tools were not meant as the “new norm” in the workplace. The innovation and creativity of so many great American companies require that people actually collaborate (not over a screen) and meet in person. Claiming that being required to show up every now and then is “racist” and overly burdensome reeks of an entitled, privileged viewpoint that is not a healthy bellwether for the future of our economy.