Are Vaccines Being Tested on Our Military?

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - JANUARY 14: Spc. Katherine Deskins (L) of the Nevada Army National Guard administers a Moderna COVID-19 vaccination to Clark County Fire Department Capt. Jasmine Ghazinour on the first day of Clark County's pilot vaccination program at Cashman Center on January 14, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The county hopes to start by giving about 1,000 doses of the vaccine a day to public safety and critical infrastructure workers during the trial run and eventually open it up to the public, providing 2,000-2,5000 vaccinations daily. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Senator Ron Johnson (R.Wis.), held a panel of experts on federal vaccine mandates last week with very little publicity and almost zero media coverage. It was heartbreaking to hear from someone who was vaccine-injured, and it is frustrating that the FDA, NIH and CDC have not acknowledged or supported their testimony. The most shocking testimony came from Lieutenant Colonel Teresa Long (a Brigade Surgeon in the U.S. Army).

Long attended a course on senior preventative medicine leadership in May 2021 where senior medical staff spoke out about the COVID-19 vaccines. She asked the following question after the presentation: “So, we skipped 2 years of phase 2 trials and 3 years of Phase 3 trials?” We lost only 12 active-duty soldiers due to COVID-19. We are putting the health of the whole fighting force at risk by using a vaccine that we have only two months of safety data.

She claims she got an amazing response. Long says that she was told by a Colonel, “You’re absolutely right. Long was adamant that she would get every soldier who is able to to receive the vaccine. Long, who had suffered severe, long-lasting injuries due to a medical error after the birth of her daughter, was furious at this response.

Long’s colleague received the vaccine after the training. She suffered from severe pain and fever almost immediately. She was shocked by what she saw after long reports were reviewed in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. Although VARES doesn’t prove causation she acknowledged that the signal was overwhelming. Within a matter of months, COVID-19 was responsible for more deaths than any other vaccines in any one year.

Long said that soldiers at Fort Benning reported being threatened and coerced to get their vaccines. She correctly points out that this is not ethical behavior and that forcing someone to take a drug still under investigation is against the Nuremberg Codes. E-mails and other communications encouraging healthcare professionals to post their vaccination status to social media with certain hashtags disturbed her. Long believes that this is a violation of the prohibition on military officers promoting civilian products.

Long spoke out for soldiers with a vaccine injury who are unable to speak for themselves. One of her clients was a soldier she advised who was admitted to Ranger school. The soldier, a young female athlete at college, was worried about her future fertility. Long provided the soldier with appropriate counseling regarding the available data. The soldier declined to be vaccinated at that point. The soldier was forced to submit to coercion and pressure to get the vaccine. After the injection, the soldier experienced back pain, cramping and unexplained bleeding. She also had a persistent cough. After failing to run the five-miler that she had previously completed, the young woman was forced to leave Ranger School.

Long also worked in the acute care clinic. Five patients were seen by Long. Two patients complained of chest pains within days or weeks of vaccination. Both were sent to the hospital for treatment of myocarditis. One patient came in with neurological issues, including confusion and drowsiness. The patient, a pilot, said that the symptoms didn’t go away and that it felt like he was drunk. Long was able to ground three pilots because of what she believed were vaccine injuries. Her superiors took her charts and cancelled her remaining patients. They then reassigned Long to only perform regular flight physicals.

The FDA and CDC examined myocarditis among people between 16 and 24 years old this summer. FDA official Doran Fink spoke out about the frequency of myocarditis during a hearing on booster shots at the FDA.

Long reports stated that the military vaccination program remained the same despite all the hearings and investigations. There was no way to disclose the possible side effects. This was a serious concern as it is an essential principle of informed consent.

She pointed out that pre-menopausal and post-menopausal women are at greater risk from 8 out of 10 FDA approved drugs. She specifically mentioned DES, a medication that is used to treat pre-menopausal women. This synthetic hormone was prescribed to pregnant women in order to prevent miscarriages, preterm births, and other complications during pregnancy. These women often gave birth to healthy, full-term children. Their daughters became adults with alarming rates for rare genetic cancers and infertility. It took 40 years for the multi-generational side effect of this drug to be identified. Long warned that time is the best tool for identifying side effects of medication.

Long estimates that nearly 200 000 members of the Armed Forces are still unvaccinated. It will be a huge loss for our troops if the military can out-process any member who does not follow the current mandate. It would be a devastating blow to morale as well as military readiness.

Long concluded by explaining that a flight surgeon cannot ground a pilot. The commander must take on the risk and make the final decision.

LTC Long risks her military career by speaking out. She started it at the age of 17. Long is a MD and an Army Aerospace Medicine Specialist and has a Master’s degree in Public Health. After invoking communications protection pursuant to the Military Whistleblowers Protection Act Title 10, U.S.C., she testified.