Amanda PrestigiacomoMarch 30, 202114min
Candace Owens on Sunday ripped into the media and corporations for promoting a “sick culture” that’s crippling future generations, particularly black Americans, whom the conservative argued are being “used” to promulgate such unhealthy messages. Owens’ criticism was sparked by so-called “Satan shoes” promoted by hip-hop artist Lil Nas X, though the Daily Wire talk show […]

Amanda PrestigiacomoMarch 20, 20215min
Transgender beauty pageant contestant Kataluna Enriquez snagged the title of Miss Silver State USA earlier this month. Landing a first in the pageant’s history, Enriquez called the victory “a celebration of womanhood and diversity.” Enriquez, a biological male who identifies as female, bested the other competitors in the biggest preliminary competition for the Miss Nevada […]

Amanda PrestigiacomoMarch 18, 202115min
Candace Owens and rapper Cardi B feuded on Tuesday for hours after the “WAP” singer was irked by Owens’ criticism of her Grammys performance, which included simulated sex acts with another rapper. The feud blew up when an agitated Cardi, real name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, posted screenshots of a fake tweet and false blog posts […]

Amanda PrestigiacomoMarch 4, 20216min
The bad news is that your three-month-old precious bundle of joy — yeah, she might be a racist. On the up side, Arizona’s Department of Education is offering an “equity” toolkit to help you tamp down their racism. Journalist Christopher F. Rufo exposed the ideological “equity” toolkit within the department’s diversity program that claims babies […]

Amanda PrestigiacomoFebruary 27, 20212min
Social media firm LinkedIn has removed a racist diversity training program that encouraged participants to “be less white.” The controversial training program, called “Confronting Racism, with Robin DiAngelo,” was first highlighted in the media after Coca-Cola employee whistleblowers leaked some of the slides. While the company has contended that the program was not mandatory for […]

Amanda PrestigiacomoFebruary 25, 20215min
Musical superstars Mariah Carey and Cardi B discussed alleged racial discrimination and pay disparity during a sit-down interview released Tuesday. Carey suggested the record and fashion industries are “inherently racist,” while Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, said she’s felt prejudice and has been paid less money than other “white people” for […]

Amanda PrestigiacomoFebruary 10, 20218min
Car manufacturer Toyota aired a commercial with a strong pro-life message on Super Bowl Sunday featuring the story of Paralympic 13-time gold medal-winning swimmer Jessica Long. The ad told the story of baby Jessica and her adoptive American parents. Before she was adopted, her soon-to-be parents were told of one-year-old Jessica’s rare condition, and that […]

Amanda PrestigiacomoFebruary 9, 20214min
Legislation introduced in the South Dakota House of Representatives seeks to give the state’s attorney general the authority to review executive orders from President Joe Biden and potentially nullify any order deemed unconstitutional. State Rep. Aaron Aylward (R-Harrisburg) introduced HB 1194, which is described as an act “to authorize the review of certain executive orders […]