Amanda PrestigiacomoOctober 22, 20205min
Voter registration gains in the critical states of Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania are boosting Republican officials’ optimism for the upcoming presidential election. “Updated voter registration tallies show that Republicans have narrowed the gap with Democrats in three critical states,” The New York Times reported Monday. Dee Stewart, a Republican political consultant in North Carolina, […]

Amanda PrestigiacomoOctober 17, 20205min
Iconic singer and songwriter Stevie Nicks credited the success of band Fleetwood Mac to her decision to have her unborn child aborted. During a recent interview with The Guardian, Nicks waxed poetic about her “decision” to have the unborn baby aborted as a sort of feminist event, noting that Fleetwood Mac had two female vocalists […]

Amanda PrestigiacomoOctober 10, 20207min
Upcoming presidential debate moderator and C-SPAN host Steve Scully claims his Twitter account was hacked after a tweet posted to his account concerning President Donald Trump raised red flags about his supposed objectivity. “[Anthony Scaramucci] should I respond to trump,” said the tweet from Scully’s account. It has since been removed. Notably, Scaramucci is an […]

Amanda PrestigiacomoOctober 2, 20206min
Fox News reporter John Roberts repeatedly accused the Trump administration of refusing to definitively denounce white supremacy during Thursday’s White House press briefing. After Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany pushed back against’s Roberts’ “contrived” “narrative” and read numerous quotes from President Donald Trump denouncing white supremacy, Roberts then took to Fox News airwaves to complain further […]

Amanda PrestigiacomoSeptember 30, 20205min
More than $2 million reportedly have been raised to fund the defense of Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old who has been charged with killing two rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last month. As of Monday, crowdfunding site GiveSendGo has accumulated more than $523,000 for Rittenhouse. And a report from The Associated Press published Thursday said that defense […]

Amanda PrestigiacomoSeptember 25, 20205min
On Tuesday, NBA superstar and avid left-wing activist LeBron James emphatically stated that he has “zero comment” regarding Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva’s challenge to the multi-millionaire to match the reward money in the case concerning two ambushed sheriff’s deputies in Compton. James was pressed by a reporter about the challenge from Sheriff Villanueva […]

Amanda PrestigiacomoSeptember 23, 20207min
On Saturday, conservative commentator and author Candace Owens claimed about 1,000 fans have informed her that their copy of her new book, “Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation,” was damaged upon arrival from Amazon. “Dear [Amazon]. About 1,000 people have written to let me know that your employees […]

Amanda PrestigiacomoSeptember 23, 20206min
Conservative host Rush Limbaugh urged the GOP to bypass a Judiciary Committee hearing on President Donald Trump’s forthcoming nominee to the Supreme Court during his broadcast Monday, underscoring Democrats’ maligning of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. “The 2016 election is what this nomination is about. Not the 2020 election, both in terms of timeline, legalities, and common […]

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