Ben KewNovember 16, 202023min
Some of Hollywood’s most vocal leftists continue to go all in for the upcoming Georgia Senate election, with efforts to call up voters and fundraising campaigns in the hope of flipping both seats from Republican to Democrat in the runoff election in January. In the first of the two races, Republican David Purdue gained the […]

Ben KewNovember 6, 20204min
The campaign of Michigan Senatorial candidate John James (R) has accused local officials of impropriety, voter suppression, and election interference after incumbent Gary Peters picked up hundreds of thousands of votes overnight. Stuart Sandler, a consultant for James’ campaign who also observed the count as a volunteer lawyer, told Fox News they allege there were […]

Ben KewSeptember 28, 20205min
Far-left actress Bette Midler has urged Democratic nominee Joe Biden to kick President Donald Trump “in the nuts” during the first presidential debate, and Midler says Biden should pummel the president on behalf of the 200,000 people she says he “murdered.” “I have to say this to#VicePresidentBiden, who is much more conservative than I “Sir, […]