Casey ChalkFebruary 26, 20215min
In a nine-page Instagram post, singer and songwriter Demi Lovato called gender reveal parties “transphobic” and claimed that “there are boys with vaginas and girls with penises.” Lovato claimed throughout the lengthy post that transgender activists dislike gender reveal parties because they divert from “reality.” To Lovato and other activists, reality is the concept that […]

Casey ChalkDecember 1, 20209min
This month marks the anniversary of the first congress of the Communist League in London (1847), when Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were commissioned to write the “Communist Manifesto.” Although much scholarly output has catalogued the many problems with Marxist political and economic ideology as outlined in that seminal work, often overlooked in repudiations of […]

Casey ChalkOctober 15, 202010min
The most important thing for voters to know when considering Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris isn’t her extreme, pro-abortion positions. Nor is it her record of anti-Catholic bigotry, manifested in her attacks on the Knights of Columbus club and harassment of public, Catholic organizations. Nor is it that her voting record is one of the […]