Chris EnloeFebruary 21, 20216min
Coca-Cola found itself at the center of controversy on Friday after a viral social media post revealed that some Coca-Cola employees completed a racial sensitivity training course that teaches participants how to “be less white.” Images of the course were shared by psychologist Karlyn Borysenko, an activist who is fighting against critical race theory, who […]

Chris EnloeJanuary 18, 20214min
‘The city is disgusted by this despicable act of vandalism’ Officials in a northern California promptly removed a “White Lives Matter” that was posted on city property over the weekend, declaring the sign a “despicable act of vandalism.” What happened? According to KPIX-TV, police in Union City — a town not far from Oakland — […]

Chris EnloeJanuary 17, 20215min
A top Georgia prosecutor is reportedly considering whether to open a criminal investigation into President Donald Trump’s alleged “attempts to overturn the results of the state’s 2020 election,” the New York Times reported. In fact, the Times reported that a criminal probe into Trump has become “increasingly likely.” According to the report, the central concern […]

Chris EnloeDecember 22, 20205min
Americans desperate for lower taxes and more freedom aren’t the only ones fleeing California. The Rose Bowl, one of college football’s most prestigious annual bowl games, will not be played at the Rose Bowl stadium located in Pasadena, California, this season. Instead, the game has been moved to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, home of […]

Chris EnloeNovember 29, 20206min
The New York Times was summarily blasted on Saturday after the newspaper presented Iran’s nuclear program in a positive light. The Times’ posturing came after the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the Islamic country’s top nuclear scientist. The Times claimed that the nuclear ambitions of Iran — a state-sponsor of terrorism, according to the State Department […]

Chris EnloeMay 4, 20204min
Samaritan’s Purse, which had been operating a field hospital in Central Park, has been effectively booted from the city. The Christian-based humanitarian relief organization, run by Franklin Graham, established a field hospital in Central Park as New York City quickly became the global epicenter for COVID-19. The move was immediately decried by the left due […]