Hannah BleauNovember 17, 20204min
Former Vice President Joe Biden suggested that Americans limit their gatherings on Thanksgiving and adhere to coronavirus protocols in their private residences, citing experts who, according to the former vice president, recommend gatherings of “five people, maximum ten people” who are “socially distanced, wearing masks.” Biden, whom the media have declared president-elect, detailed his view […]

Hannah BleauNovember 5, 20203min
David Shafer, chairman of the Georgia GOP, said on Wednesday that Georgia’s Fulton County instructed observers to leave and “continued to count ballots in secret” despite claiming that they were “closing up” for the night. “At the @GaRepublicans State Headquarters monitoring reports from county tabulation centers. Problems with Republican and other public observers being allowed […]

Hannah BleauNovember 1, 20206min
President Trump is attracting more than traditional Republicans to his recent rallies in key battleground states such as Minnesota and Wisconsin according to Republican National Committee (RNC) chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. “We are seeing DEMOCRATS and INDEPENDENTS turn out in droves for @realDonaldTrump’s rallies,” McDaniel said, indicating that a majority of those signing up for the […]

Hannah BleauOctober 18, 20202min
Demonstrators dressed as handmaids gathered in D.C. on Saturday to protest Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination and forthcoming confirmation, taking part in a series of chants and proclaiming that Barrett is a “Christian theocrat.” “Amy Coney Barrett is a Christian theocrat,” the women, wearing handmaids costumes and holding signs reading “Trump Pence OUT NOW,” chanted […]

Hannah BleauOctober 11, 202014min
There has been no spike in cases of the Chinese coronavirus in Florida over the last two weeks, despite Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) lifting key coronavirus restrictions and nixing the enforcement of local mask mandates across the Sunshine State last month. On September 25, Gov. DeSantis took a major step, lifting key coronavirus restrictions at […]

Hannah BleauOctober 3, 20206min
CLAIM: Chris Wallace told Fox News’s Bill Hemmer on Thursday that President Donald Trump bears the “primary responsibility for what happened” during Tuesday’s debate and claimed that it was Trump — not Joe Biden (D) — who set the tone of the debate by interrupting. VERDICT: False. Biden set the tone for the debate by […]

Hannah BleauSeptember 22, 20206min
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), a huge proponent of mass vote-by-mail, revealed Sunday she is voting “early and in person” this year. “I am voting early and in person. What’s your voting plan?” the New York lawmaker asked, days after discussing the importance of voting on Instagram live following the news of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s […]

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