Jeff DavidsonMarch 8, 20216min
When you consider what has happened in the United States in the last nine months, incredibly, it doesn’t even seem like our own nation anymore. People rioting in the streets during the summer are described by the lamestream media as “peaceful protesters.” District Attorneys let hardened criminals out of jail. Grammar schools indoctrinate our children, […]

Jeff DavidsonJanuary 2, 20216min
As it happens so often, the Left accuses the Right of committing crimes that the Left themselves have actually committed. In practice, it’s a dead giveaway: Anytime they accuse the Right of any crime, that is a crime which the Left has committed over and over. Antifa is a stunning case in point. Antifa, short […]

Jeff DavidsonDecember 20, 20206min
Kamala Harris wants to take away your private health insurance and replace it with some awful version of health insurance administered by the federal government. Why is this a bad idea? In the automobile insurance industry, all customers of a carrier pay into a large pool. Those who tap the insurance company’s resources as a […]

Jeff DavidsonDecember 9, 20207min
In my recent Townhall article, “What if the Deep State Has No Bottom?” one of the commenters issued a brief roster of 12 deep state layers and below is my take on each of them. 1. Ignorant Youth – A blameless group indoctrinated to either hate America or over-focus on her faults. Students rarely hear […]