Jon BrownJanuary 15, 20215min
Actor Macaulay Culkin approved calls from fans to remove President Donald Trump’s cameo from the 1992 classic “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.” Responding Wednesday to a Twitter user who floated the idea of replacing Trump with a 40-year-old version of Culkin, the former child star responded, “Sold.” petition to digitally replace trump in […]

Jon BrownNovember 5, 20206min
Trump Campaign Wants A Recount The Trump campaign signaled their intention to demand a recount in Wisconsin on Wednesday after a state official said that all ballots have been reported and Democratic nominee Joe Biden has a lead of only about 20,000 votes. Meagan Wolfe, the Wisconsin elections commission administrator, told NBC that unofficial returns […]

Jon BrownOctober 25, 20209min
Several Roman Catholic prelates either denounced or attempted to clarify comments Pope Francis made this week that endorsed civil union laws for same-sex couples. Cardinal Raymond Burke, an American who has before described homosexual relationships as “profoundly disordered and harmful,” said in a statement: “Such declarations generate great bewilderment and cause confusion and error among […]

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