Real News Real PatriotsNovember 17, 20215min
Jacob Chansley was the most prominent Jan. 6 protestor. He was dressed in fur and horns as he marched by the Capitol. In September, he pleaded guilty to one count for obstructing Congress. It is a crime to unlawfully obstruct an official proceeding. Chansley was sentenced today by the judge to 41 months in prison. Judge […]

Real News Real PatriotsNovember 15, 20214min
Barbara Bellos, a Connecticut judge, has found Alex Jones liable for a lawsuit brought forward by the husband of one victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. This was in response to Judge Bellis’ finding that Jones and his companies had “failed to produce critical material information necessary for the plaintiffs to prove their claims.” […]

Real News Real PatriotsNovember 12, 20212min
The Wisconsin Governor announced that approximately 500 Wisconsin Army National Guard soldiers will report to state active duty in support of local law enforcement partners in Kenosha. Tony Evers’ office made the announcement Friday. They will be working “in collaboration with hundreds of officers from volunteer law enforcement agencies.” Evers stated that he and his administration […]

Real News Real PatriotsNovember 11, 20212min
President Joe Biden called Satchel Paige, the late baseball player, “the great negro”, before correcting himself on Thursday during his Veterans Day address at Arlington National Cemetery. When Biden was honoring former U.S. Senators, Donald Blinken (Army veteran, father of Antony Blinken), he began his speech with a story about Paige who played in “Negro leagues” prior […]

Real News Real PatriotsNovember 8, 20213min
Many progressives are beginning to lose their “wokeness” after the victories of Republicans in Virginia. However, Democrat NY Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, cautioned her fellow Dems against using the term to distract from issues of “racial justice,” and warned them not to use it. Ocasio Cortez rejected the use of the term “woke” by critics in […]

Real News Real PatriotsAugust 16, 20207min
“Uncle Robert, we love you. You are in our hearts and prayers, always,” Ivanka Trump wrote Tributes and condolences quickly poured in for President Trump’s younger brother, Robert Trump, after the White House confirmed his death Saturday night following his hospitalization in New York City. “It is with heavy heart I share that my wonderful […]