Rick MoranApril 26, 20216min
Forty Democrats sent President Joe Biden a letter asking him to include more generous and long-lasting unemployment benefits in a brand new “anti-poverty” bill that the administration is expected to roll out next week. The radicals want Biden to propose a massive overhaul of the unemployment insurance system by mandating new federal standards in programs […]

Rick MoranApril 22, 20217min
With Representative Ocasio-Cortez reintroducing her Green New Deal bill and Joe Biden pledging to halve carbon emissions in the U.S. in less than 10 years, and after the “Climate Summit” goes virtual on April 22, America is going to be so green we’ll be mistaken for an artichoke. There’s no time to lose. The earth […]

Rick MoranApril 5, 20216min
Joe Biden is going to get “unity.” He will get it even if he has to just make stuff up. Case in point: bills proposed by a Democratic president, rammed through Congress by Democratic lawmakers, and voted on exclusively by Democrats are actually “bipartisan” according to the White House. Biden campaigned and took office as […]

Rick MoranFebruary 19, 20216min
The powers that be in Chicago have determined that the city is far too cluttered with statues, monuments, plaques, and even gravestones. So they formed a commission — the Chicago Monuments Project — that will determine which historical figures are worthy of being honored and which should be consigned to the dustbin of history. There […]

Rick MoranFebruary 11, 20215min
As early as last December, Joe Biden was promising to reopen schools his first 100 days in office. This was a very popular idea among parents who were nearly desperate to keep their children from falling further behind. But that promise was made before the teachers’ union moved the goalposts — again — and decided […]

Rick MoranDecember 17, 20205min
How do you make an illegal alien into an American citizen? You pretend there’s no difference between the two. Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff believes there’s no difference between an illegal alien and an American citizen and that federal authorities need to protect illegals from “exploitation.” Ossoff made the comments to an audience member […]

Rick MoranDecember 13, 20205min
A World Health Organization (WHO) official reportedly removed an important study on Italy’s early response to the coronavirus pandemic. Ranieri Guerra, the Italian WHO official who removed the study, previously served as director-general for preventive health at the Italian health ministry from 2014-17. The report — extremely critical of Italy’s haphazard early response to the […]