Tim PearceOctober 27, 20217min
Thousands of city workers and first responders protested against vaccine mandates in New York City on Monday. The marchers, which included members of New York City’s fire and police departments and other emergency services, shouted chants of “Let’s go Brandon,” “F*** de Blasio,” “Hold the line,” “U.S.A.,” and “We will not comply” while moving through […]

Tim PearceOctober 1, 20215min
An anti-Ron DeSantis PAC released a new ad targeting Florida’s Republican governor on Wednesday that immediately backfired as critics mocked it online. Remove Ron is a PAC launched by Florida attorney Daniel Uhlfelder who gained national attention during the COVID-19 pandemic by walking along Florida’s beaches in a grim reaper outfit in a morbid protest […]

Tim PearceSeptember 23, 20215min
FBI Director Christopher Wray said that the FBI’s domestic terrorism tracking has “exploded” in the past year with most of the surge attributed to a rise in “white supremacy.” Wray testified before the Senate Homeland Security committee on the terror landscape threatening the United States two decades after 9-11 on Tuesday. Wray said that the […]

Tim PearceSeptember 22, 20215min
A group of Haitian immigrants reportedly took over a privately-contracted transport bus and attempted to escape federal custody on Monday. Senior law enforcement officials described the episode to The Washington Examiner on Tuesday. The busload of illegal immigrants bound for San Antonio from the makeshift camp located underneath a bridge in Del Rio took control […]

Tim PearceSeptember 4, 20217min
White House officials are calling President Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan a failure after U.S. forces almost certainly left hundreds of American citizens stranded in the Taliban-controlled country. The last U.S. troops withdrew from Afghanistan on Biden’s orders on Monday, ending the U.S. military’s two-decade presence in the country. The last troop plane departed after […]

Tim PearceSeptember 2, 20216min
Instagram has apologized after suspending the account of a Gold Star mother who lost her son in the terror attack on Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport last week. The Facebook-controlled platform told The Washington Examiner that Shana Chappell’s account had been suspended in “error.” Chappell has been vocal on social media about holding President Joe […]

Tim PearceAugust 26, 20215min
The Biden administration is hampering private groups attempting to evacuate people from Afghanistan, according to people organizing charter flights out of the country. Former GOP Virginia Rep. Scott Taylor and Washington lobbyist Robert Stryk are working together to airlift Americans and others out of Afghanistan through charter flights. Both accuse the Biden administration of failing […]