Washington ExaminerSeptember 21, 20215min
Can you find Gambia on a globe? Either way, it is the only nation on Earth that is successfully living up to its commitments under the Paris accord on climate change. That’s how serious the Paris Agreement is — no one is living up to their commitments except for Gambia. Aren’t you glad President Joe […]

Washington ExaminerSeptember 8, 20214min
President Joe Biden is desperate to change the subject. Amid his border crisis, the stall of the economic recovery he inherited, and his administration’s lethal and disorderly rout in Afghanistan, he is trying to pick a domestic political fight he thinks he can win. This is the only sensible explanation for why Biden’s Department of […]

Washington ExaminerJune 19, 20212min
The Justice Department is challenging laws on transgender people passed by two states that it argues violate federal law and constitutional protections. The department filed statements of interest in lawsuits over transgender bans in West Virginia and Arkansas to overturn the laws. West Virginia enacted a law April 28 barring transgender athletes from competing in […]

Washington ExaminerApril 6, 20216min
Democrats and the liberal media are policing the words we should use to describe the absolute catastrophe we’re witnessing each day at the southern border. They don’t like “crisis” or “surge.” So, let us propose this description: Joe Biden’s fault. Biden came into office with a gift. The previous administration labored ceaselessly and effectively to […]