Biden Attempts to Spin the Economy Both Ways, Taking None of the Fault


Bidenomics. It is beautiful. If you are Joe Biden or the Democrat Party. It’s possible to have it all on Planet if you’re Biden. He lies his ass off to your face about record job growth and GDP growth, then you can look around and complain about the burden placed on “everyday Americans by a still-recovering economy,” which was only bad because of Trump.

Trump is the one responsible for all that is wrong in America. Well, he likes to blame Putin too for all of our problems too. Of course, nothing is ever Joe Biden’s fault.

Here’s an example: Biden claimed that historically low unemployment was due to his student loan suspension during the pandemic. This is an obvious indication of Biden’s hypocrisy in the economy.

Alfredo Ortiz was President and CEO of Job Creators Network. This conservative advocacy group was founded by Alfredo Ortiz. This is what The Examiner transcribed: Biden brags about record job growth and record GDP growth every chance that he gets. Biden knows that this is not a result of the economy recovering after the pandemic.

Low-income families continue to face inflation. However, Biden insists that he doesn’t blame his drunken sailor and out-of-control spending. Biden is keen to keep the peace but also keeps an eye on the election.

Joe announces extension via The Examiner:  We are still reeling from the economic chaos caused by the pandemic. Americans’ financial security could be threatened by defaults or delinquencies.

Most of the above are examples of what I like to call Biden bull shit.

The student loan moratorium, which Donald Trump established in March 2020, will continue until August 31st. Although the unemployment rate was at its highest point at 15% two years back it now stands at 3.6% for all workers and just two percent for college-educated people.

Biden issued another statement, this one praising the economy, less than 24 hours after his “COVID-19 Federal Emergency” nonsense.

America is back to work. Today’s data show that America is on the right track and well-positioned to handle the challenges of the pandemic as well as Putin’s war of choice. I will not again emphasize the incompetence of lying that Vladimir Putin was responsible for the Biden Petroleum Crisis, the Biden Economics Crisis, or any other crises. Please.

Let me end with a word about the student loan suspension. 41 million borrowers have more than $1.3 trillion in total student loan debt. It has already cost taxpayers more than $100 billion, according to the Education Department. Given his intentions, I’d bet a penny that Trump would have ended it sooner if in office. The pandemic is over.

Let’s be kind and not call a spade an ugly thing: Biden is aware of the far-left demand that student loan debt is canceled, this is obvious.

Now we have weak-kneed Biden, who tries to have it all on just about everything. This is because he doesn’t want to tick her moderate wing but sure enough to placate the radical left which is headed by the ex-bartender and her clueless Squad.

The bottom line:  Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was not a leader. Although he pretends to be a leader, he is really just a Barney Fife being led by the loudest side. The extreme left is, unfortunately, the loudest.