Biden Can Reach Unity With Trump Supporters Even With Impeachment Trial


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed Tuesday that President Joe Biden could still achieve “unity” with 74 million supporters of Donald Trump despite urging the Senate to hold a trial of the former president.

Jake Turx of Ami magazine asked Psaki during a White House press briefing: “Does the president believe he can attain unity with the 74 million Trump voters while urging his allies in the Senate to hold an impeachment trial after his predecessor has already left office?

Psaki replied:

Well, the president believes he was elected by 81 million Americans in part because they believed he was somebody who could help bring the country together, unify the country around addressing the crises we face. And when he talks every day, nearly, about getting the pandemic under control, putting people back to work, he is not just speaking to people who voted for him. He is speaking to all of the American people, including the 74 million who didn’t vote for him. And certainly addressing the pandemic, making, insuring people that don’t worry about the health and safety of their grandparents, of their sisters and brothers, getting kids back to school — that is not a partisan position. That is a leadership position, and one he’s taking because he wants to make sure he’s delivering for all the American people.

The Senators took their oaths as jurors in the trial Tuesday afternoon.

Author : Joel B. Pollak

Source : Breitbart : Jen Psaki: Biden Can Reach ‘Unity’ with Trump Supporters Even with Impeachment Trial