Biden DHS Has A Plan To Protect Kids From Misinformation

Louder With CrowderMay 25, 20213min

Department of Homeland Security Chairman Alejandro Mayorkas has one main job. Protect the border. He sucks at it. Royally sucks at it. He serves at the pleasure of the president, so all blame lays with Old Man Joe. Mayorkas can’t do his current job, but he has another one in mind. Protecting your children from what he calls “misinformation.”

According to the Washington Times, Mayorkas took part in a hearing last week and was asked if a “commission to help the public see through disinformation” would be dope. Here’s his response.

“We are eager to have additional resources and additional vehicles to address misinformation and disinformation. I should say that our department is partnering with the Department of Education to develop a program in the K-12 arena.”

Unclear is what Mayorkas’s specific plans are. The Department of Education didn’t get back to the Washington Times with a response.

Hopefully, this is another soon-to-be failed trial balloon from the Biden administration. Mayorkas even saying this out loud is a question of who will be tasked with deciding what “misinformation” is. There’s a perfect example in the news right now. “Fact” checkers claimed the Wuhan Lab-Leak Theory was misinformation when Donald Trump and Rand Paul were suggesting it. “Fact” checkers said it was a conspiracy theory. We’re finding out now … it’s no conspiracy theory. Leftists like Mayorkas have a nasty habit of considering any opinion they disagree with as “misinformation.” The DHS probably thinks it’s misinformation that there’s a crisis on our southern border. Or that he looks like a giant foreskin. At least one of those arguments can be sourced.

That’s without getting into this sounding eerily like the Biden administration wants to indoctrinate our children against what their parents tell them. One would argue that the left already does that with K-12. But eventually those kids go home and hear opposing viewpoints from their mommies and daddies and conservative blogger uncles. Democrats hate it when adults are allowed to do that.

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