Biden Lies About FL, TX Covid Response While Withholding Life Saving Treatments

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

In remarks from the White House on Thursday — billed as “Remarks on Leveling the Playing Field in Our Economy to Bring Down Costs and Ensure that the Backbone of the Country, the Middle Class, Can Finally get a Break” — quickly turned vindictive as Biden repeated his attacks on Republican-led states.

“The governors of Florida and Texas are doing everything they can to undermine the lifesaving requirements that I have proposed,” Biden said repeating a line of attack he first used in a non sequitur speech on the Wuhan coronavirus as his failed Afghan airlift was underway.

Biden’s blind partisanship is, unsurprisingly, based in fantasy. Republican governors in Florida and Texas have pursued measures that ban mask mandates — which is different than an outright ban on masks, despite the lies peddled by Biden and other Democrats — while President Biden is the one who is undermining life-saving measures in those states. In what appears to be petty political maneuvering, Biden is putting American lives at risk. This development is somewhat unsurprising given he’s also left Americans stranded behind Taliban lines in Afghanistan, but it’s disturbing nonetheless.

As has been reported by officials in Florida, the Biden administration blindsided Florida’s health officials by restricting the supply of monoclonal antibody treatments without warning.

And in Texas, a similar situation unfolded when Biden and his administration cut supply for the same treatments for residents in the state. It is clear that Biden is pursuing an “agenda of cruelty” against those he disagrees with politically.

Pair the Biden administration’s withholding of lifesaving monoclonal antibody treatments with the CDC’s directive for pharmacies to stop filling prescriptions for ivermectin — another drug doctors prescribe to help COVID patients fight the virus — and it’s clear that Joe Biden is playing politics with the lives of Americans simply because of the state in which they live. Contrary to what he claimed of Texas and Florida, it is President Biden who is engaging in the “worst kind of politics.”

Author : Spencer Brown

Source : Town Hall : Biden Lies About Florida, Texas COVID Response While Withholding Lifesaving Treatments