Biden Reaches New Lows As He Cedes Leadership To Far Left


Few days better encapsulate the empty rhetoric and cowardly leadership of President Joe Biden than this past Thursday.

The morning started with purportedly huge news from the White House: Democrats had reached a deal on a $1.75 trillion spending plan. Votes on the separate bipartisan infrastructure bill, currently being held hostage by the House Progressive Caucus, were scheduled in the House. Biden was heading to Capitol Hill to close the deal. He had gotten a huge win before his trip to Europe.

But as the day wore on, it became apparent that there was a lot less to the White House deal than they said. Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona had not signed on. Neither had socialist Sen. Bernie Senators of Vermont or the House Progressive Caucus.

When Biden came to the Capitol to speak to Democrats, he didn’t even ask them to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure deal . The House Progressive Caucus took this omission as a green light to keep holding the infrastructure bill hostage. Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to push her caucus toward a vote, but without leadership from the White House, her efforts failed. The House Progressives held firm. The vote was canceled.

Biden left for Europe empty-handed.

Maybe Biden knows what he is doing. Maybe Democrats will come back to Washington next week, release a deal on Biden’s spending bill, and both the infrastructure bill and Biden’s spending bill will pass the House on Tuesday. That is the plan, at least .

But it also is looking increasingly likely that everything turns south. House Democrats may fail to finish writing their bill by Tuesday. Terry McAuliffe could lose the bellwether governor’s race in Virginia. What little cohesion there is among Democrats could completely evaporate as progressives take McAuliffe’s loss as a sign they must pass as big a spending package as possible, while centrists insist the election loss means Democrats must finally demonstrate competence by passing the infrastructure bill House progressives have held hostage for months now.

If things do turn south, it will only be a continuation of what people have grown to expect from Biden.

“What people voted for was stability and calm,” Democratic pollster Peter Hart told NBC News after a new poll showed that Biden had sunk to his lowest approval rating in the poll’s history. “And what they got was instability and chaos.”

In NBC’s poll , just 42% of adults approved of Biden’s job as president, a 7-point drop from August.

Adults now believe the Republican Party better handles border security by 27 points, inflation by 24 points, crime by 22 points, national security by 21 points, and the economy by 18 points.

Biden has ceded control of his administration to far-left ideologues on every one of the issues above. The results have been disastrous, and the public has noticed.

No wonder Americans now say Republicans hold the edge on “being effective and getting things done” by 13 points.

Author : Conn Carroll

Source : Washington Examiner : Biden reaches new lows as he cedes leadership to far Left