Biden’s Comments About Xi Jinping Proves He Is A Liar


Joe Biden invited Ketanji Jackson to visit the White House Friday to celebrate her nomination to the Supreme Court on Thursday by the U.S. Senate. Kamala Harris was also invited to the event by Biden.

Biden was kind enough to praise Jackson but he couldn’t help but attack Republicans, accusing them of “verbal abuse” as well as the “most vile, baseless accusations.” This is especially true considering the “vile, baseless accusations” Democrats have made against Republican nominees, including gang rape. Republicans on the other side, however, did not change Jackson’s record, and were, if anything at all, far too kind.

Even though it was supposed to be about Judge Jackson Biden couldn’t help but make it about him and his constant desire to gloat. Biden being Biden, even he tripped over it.

Biden stated that America can be described in one word. However, he couldn’t identify the word.

He continued telling a story about his closeness to Chinese President Xi Jinping. The story of how the friends went on a road trip together, even to “foothills” in the Himalayas.

Biden stated that he was at the Himalayas foothills with Xi Jinping and traveled with him. That’s when I traveled 17,000 miles when I was Vice President,” Biden claimed. “I don’t know that for a fact.”

He doesn’t know this for a fact. So why is he repeating it? To make untrue statements and to be random? This is a lie that even Washington Post has exposed Biden for it.

An official from the White House admitted that Biden’s claim of “traveling together” with Xi was not true. He said that this was a reference for the total travel back-and-forth — both within the U.S.A and China as well as internationally — for meetings held together. He said that some travel was done in parallel and others were for joint destinations.

We tried our best, but we couldn’t get the mileage to add up to 17,000 miles.

Biden’s comments made to Kamala were funny, and Kamala was not the Bee’s joke. This one even she gives Biden a side-eye.

Biden continued his story by saying that Xi asked him if he could define America in one word. He replied that “we believe anything is possible.” Biden’s prevarication makes it zero to none. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s one of the reasons that so many people travel to this country.

He then said that this is why people consider us “the ugly American.” Sometimes, it hurts to try and figure out Joe Biden’s logic. I like to think that I am usually capable of unraveling his unique brand of confusion. Sorry, but I don’t get this one. How the “possibility of America” makes us the “ugly American” is a misunderstanding. It’s that freedom that has made America a beacon for the rest of the world. Yet, Democrats like Biden try to disparage America even when he should be applauding it.