BLM Co-Founder Claims She Gets Triggered by Charity Transparency Laws


Patrisse, Black Lives Matter’s co-founder, said that she is disturbed by the recent scrutiny of BLM’s “charitable” finances. Black Lives Matter has been embroiled in several scandals surrounding the $90 million raised in 2020 to end racism and police brutality. The latest scandal was the disclosure that Black Lives Matter purchased a $6 million California mansion that was rarely used for their stated purposes.

The $60 million in funds that BLM Global does not appear to have control over is another matter. Also, Black Lives Matter used donations to purchase a $6 million house. Cullors claims she is “triggered” by anyone mentioning the IRS Form 990, which charities must complete to reveal donors and source of funds.

Washington Examiner Cullors stated that “I didn’t know what 990s were” before the events. This apparent reference to the Washington Examiner’s January reporting about BLM’s lack of financial and leadership transparency led several states, including California to ask the charity to stop raising funds until it revealed what it did with the $90m it raised in 2020.

Cullors stated that activists are subject to trauma and are at risk of their lives if charities they control are forced to reveal publicly what they did with tax-deductible donations.

Cullors stated that “This doesn’t seem safe to us, this structure 990 — this non-profit system structure.” This is, like, extremely unsafe. This is literally being used against us and against our coworkers.

Is the system designed to stop fraudsters such as Cullors fleecing victims “deeply dangerous”? This is akin to a bank robber complaining about how difficult it is to open the safe, and then questioning why it doesn’t allow the cash to be readily grabbed.

“It is vital that people feel good about their organization. Deep burnout can result if the organization and its people are constantly being scrutinized for every action they take”. Cullors stated that this leads to trauma and resistance.

Cullors, who resigned from BLM in May 2021 amid questions about her real estate purchases, left BLM without a leader. She said that media scrutiny of the charity was an “experiment” that could be used, if it succeeds, to dismantle other black-led activist organizations.

She said, “They know exactly what they are doing: how to create infighting, and how to create distrust.” We have to stop them from doing it. It must be stopped. It must be stopped.


This “scrutiny”, as it is called, is due to the law that requires charities to provide 990 forms to anyone who asks. It shouldn’t be controversial to be asked to follow the same rules as groups opposed to BLM.

Unless you have something to hide. Given the number of investigations that are underway, we will soon find out what Cullors or her friends were up to when they spent $90 million cash.