BLM Protester Screams ‘I Am Here To Ruin Dinners, Ruin Happy Hours

Bob PriceNovember 1, 20203min

A Black Lives Matter protest leader challenged followers to invade restaurants and bars to “ruin dinners” and “ruin happy hours.” The tactic has been seen in action in restaurants and bars across the country.

“We are here to cause disruption,” the woman leading a BLM protest in Seattle yelled. “I’m here to ruin dinners, to ruin happy hours, and everything about Black liberation and Indigenous liberation.”

Another video shows a woman standing in the street outside a restaurant screaming at the customers trying to enjoy a Friday-night meal.

You guys can sit there and not even get up from your f*cking tables with your overpriced f*cking food,” she yells at the diners. “You’re horrible, every single one of you.”

Elsewhere, BLM protesters invaded an outdoor dining area in Kansas City, Missouri, and jumped on tables to scream their message. “We’re here to let you know that Black lives matter,” the man yells into his bullhorn.

And, in Rochester, BLM protesters invaded a bar demanding that the owner “shut it down.”

Author : Bob Price

Source : Breitbart : BLM Protester Screams ‘I am Here to Ruin Dinners, Ruin Happy Hours’