Brooklyn Subway Shooter Frank James Is Already Being Memory-Holed


I did a Google search on Sunday afternoon at 5:05 PM ET to locate Frank James, who was responsible for the murders of ten people in Brooklyn’s underground system on Tuesday. There was only one news article about the crime on Sunday. It was a WPXI video titled “What you should know”. The article was one of three that had been published on Saturday morning by Complex. Stories that don’t fit the established media narrative tend not to be published quickly.

Darrell Brooks Jr. drove his car through the Waukesha Holiday Parade, Wisconsin, on November 21st, 2021, killing six people and injuring 61 others.

Brooks, Green, and James all shared the exact same ideology. All of them were black nationalists who hated white people. However, their violence was not in line with the media’s view of reality.

This is an important point that many Americans don’t know. They believe news sources like CNN and The New York Times are still news sources. But this belief is wrong and has been false for many years. It must then be briefly covered and then forgotten. This is contrary to the beliefs and views that the powerful wish to inculcate in America’s citizens.

Frank James is unlikely that he will be discussed much. James shared a meme that read: “O black Jesus, please kill all the whiteys. ”

Like many black nationalists, James was a segregationist. He stated that “White people shouldn’t have any contact with each other” as he called himself. “They kill and commit genocide against one another at the end. “?

James was a hateful person, which is not surprising. In 2017, he uploaded a YouTube video that showed images of Hitler’s Holocaust and other Nazi imagery. He claimed that the video was about Jews and his personal relationship with them.

This type of thing was once on the FBI’s radar. However, it was removed after (what else?) accusations. After being accused of racism, the FBI’s radar was once set up for this type of thing.

James is a huge fan of CNN.