Busses Full of Illegal Aliens Arrive in Washington, Blowing Up More of Biden’s Lies


Texas Governor. Greg Abbott showed that he was not just playing around with publicity stunts or joking about it when he said to Joe Biden that if he continues to allow illegal aliens into Texas that he will ship them to Washington, D.C., for Biden to deal with. The first buses arrived in D.C. this past week, he kept his promise. Abbott stated that Texas towns are not capable of handling the massive influx.

From Townhall:

Abbott spoke out about his plan to transport illegal immigrants into Washington D.C. to help local officials.

Fox noticed something very interesting: the people who got off the first bus were mostly single males. Remember how the Biden team claimed single adult males were being expelled most often under Title 42, while the people who were allowed to stay were mainly families and children? This is the story of the bus.


Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, stated that it was a publicity stunt that Abbott could not pull off.

On Wednesday, after the first bus arrived, she was clearly ticked. She frantically flipped through her briefing to find an answer, but was left basically babbling about how illegal aliens are “free to travel”. This was a different statement than her previous one.

This is part of the problem. They have been able to travel anywhere in the country under Biden. The message the Biden team continues sending is bad. It can take some time to get a legal entry if you go through all the hoops. If you can get through the Southern border, however, you will be “free to travel anywhere” without any real vetting. And, who knows, maybe you’ll even get a free smartphone!

They’re now at Joe Biden’s doorstep.

On Thursday, a second bus arrived with men from Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.

Abbott’s plan is working as it should. It’s making it less likely for the Biden team to dump illegal aliens into Texas towns for them.

TDEM says that Abbott’s plan works. Fox News reported Monday by the agency that many of those who originally sought support from the Rio Grande Valley and Terrell counties said that the federal government has stopped sending immigrants to their communities since Abbott’s April 6 announcement.

Drop them at the White House, and perhaps they’ll understand that there is a problem.