Busted: Lincoln Project Fabricates Racist Trump Supporter

The Post Millennial

The Lincoln Project falsely claimed on Monday that a Trump supporter called former President Barack Obama a “monkey.

In a since-deleted tweet, Project Lincoln posted a video of President Donald Trump’s re-nomination speech on the first day of the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina

Trump stated that the Democrats are trying to steal the presidential election again, but this time with universal mail-in voting which the GOP claims is a liability for voter fraud. The Left’s vote-by-mail campaign was preceded by spying in the 2016 race. Trump noted that Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden were among those caught red-handed by Republicans.

That’s when a pro-Trump advocate supposedly shouted, “Monkey!” in reference to the former black president. The Lincoln Project added that “the president relished in it.”

“Disgusting,” Project Lincoln’s account signed off before they rescinded the fake story.

What’s truly disgusting: the alleged incident is yet another lie fabricated and circulated by the Never-Trump group.

In actuality, the audience member shouted, “Spygate!”

Even Trump told his fan: “Let’s be nice.” And the crowd revered.

The Lincoln Project has been notoriously a propagator of partisan hoaxes.

Just this summer, its disgraced members were duped by a leftist troll, denounced for plagiarism, and disproved for igniting hateful propaganda.

It’s about time the public discredits all disinformation disseminated by these disgraced “Republicans.”

Author : Mia Cathell

Source : The Post Millennial : BUSTED: The Lincoln Project fabricates racist Trump supporter