Can We Believe Hillary Isn’t Interested in Running in 2024?


Rumors are swirling that Hillary Clinton might run for the White House in 2024.

The supposedly most accomplished woman might have the answer.

Tuesday is International Women’s Day, but is Hilary really a woman worth celebrating? To the left she is, but they celebrate all idiots apparently.

They support the Queen of Self-Unawareness naturally. Mika Brzezinski from MSNBC interviewed Hillary about her 2024 presidential ambitions. Hillary replied with an emphatic “no”, and was accompanied at the Clinton Cackle. This is the Boomer’s equivalent of the Kamala Crackle.

She replied, “No, Not, and No.” “But, I will definitely be active in supporting women candidates to office and other candidates who I believe should be reelected or elected both men and women. ”

You may be exhaling a sigh, or, to quote Jeff Reynolds of PJ Media, “… while a nation rejoices.

While I don’t mean to offend anyone Hillary spoke out about Trump and Putin last week.

The Durham investigation has made her a news story. This is press she doesn’t want.

Who could forget her tearful reading of the presidential acceptance speech-that-could’ve-been back in December? I wrote at the time, “Because Hillary does not see herself as vindicated in her losses of 2008 and 2016, She won’t disappear.” It is unlikely that she will ever disappear into the sunset.

Hillary has two problems. Hillary has two problems.

This idea is not new. Andrew Stein of the Wall Street Journal and Douglas E. Schoen of the Wall Street Journal wrote an editorial in January, promoting Hillary as a “change candidate” to the flailing Biden/Harris government.

It’s obvious that Hillary still wants the top job. Despite all her jokes about running, and pretending to want to be an awkward grandmother or a queenmaker. She believes her country can still use her talents and have something to offer.

Although she may have laughed as she said “No. Not, no,” today that doesn’t mean she meant “never”. Don’t be surprised if she sees an opportunity.