Censoring Seems Selective On Social Media


Despite Facebook insisting on censoring hate speech and offensive material, violent, radical, and murderous content by Muslim terrorist groups can still be found on its platform.

The situation is worse if you view Facebook in Arabic or other Muslim language languages. They can be easily removed once they reach that point. Social media can take them down once they are seen by Western “infidels”, which further degrade Islam.

In fact, I translated a hateful and profane tirade from a New York-based Muslim towards two Christian men in Egypt. This video is almost 100,000 views. Although it is still available on YouTube, it is only in Arabic.

Facebook and other social media platforms are well-known for their quick removal of content that exposes jihadists. 

YouTube also blocked my Prager U Video about the same topic. YouTube also temporarily blocked me from sharing and uploading a video that showed Islamic State members desecrating crosses and church buildings in Syria, Iraq, and Syria. It was not graphic and it was being shared on Arabic media for several weeks.

Ironically, and in an accidental way, “competing Sunni and Shia militias” allegedly trotted one another by posting pornographic images on social media. According to new reports, they got away with it. Los Angeles WiFi networks claim that my website is dedicated to the Islamic Question, which is prohibited as “Pornography.”

This is what social media giants are doing: They not only censor people who expose Islamic hate or violence but also allow Islamic hatred to proliferate among Muslims, radicalizing them.