China’s Fear Campaign To Drive A Wedge Between US And Europe


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently discussed disinformation China has allegedly been spreading through Europe. During an online conference about democracy, Pompeo announced China is behind a “fear in Europe” campaign, which aims to drive a wedge between the United States and Europe.

He also talked about the pandemic and China’s continuing lack of transparency surrounding the coronavirus. He suggested the nation must adopt democracy if they want to continue growing.

The secretary went on to accuse China of trying to throw away the progress made in the free world.

“We must take off the golden blinders of economic ties and see that the China challenge isn’t just at the gates. Every investment from a Chinese state-owned enterprise should be viewed with suspicion. Europe faces a China challenge, just as the United States, our South American, African, Middle Eastern and Asian friends do too.” – Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State

The diplomat’s remarks came after he held a closed door meeting with one of China’s senior officials in Hawaii amid growing tensions between the two nations.

Author : Oan Newsroom

Source : Oann : Pompeo: China Is Trying To Create Divide Between U.S. And Europe