Comedian Bill Burr Blasts CNN, MSNBC, Fox For Obsessively Covering Trump: Treasonous, Un-American Pieces Of S**t’

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Actor-comedian Bill Burr blasted corporate media outlets, including CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, for continuing to cover former President Trump, ripping them as “fucking treasonous un-American pieces of shit” who “want Darth Vader to come back.”

During a Thursday episode of his podcast Monday Morning, Bill Burr explained how his mother-in-law comes over to help watch the kids and puts on CNN, which he decried as a network full of “fucking morons.”

“And do you know what those fucking morons are doing? Do you know what those fucking morons are doing? They’re fucking talking about Trump. I swear to god. I cannot believe people watch that channel they’re so dumb,” the podcaster ranted, concluding they “want Darth Vader to come back.”

“They want him to come back cause they have nothing to talk about cause it’s show business and Joe Biden is a fucking bore!” the Mandalorian star continued.

“They can’t bitch about him because he’s wearing a blue tie. So now what do they do? They’re doing what they did the first time to get this guy elected by giving him all this free coverage while they act like they allegedly don’t like him. I don’t buy it. They are a corporate news channel,” Burr ranted, ultimately dismissing them as “fucking treasonous un-American pieces of shit, just like Fox News, MSNBC, just like all of them.”

“Just like fucking all of them,” he added.

Bill Burr made waves in March after defending his former Mandalorian co-star Gina Carano after the cancel culture mob went after her over a social media post “in which she implied that the left is stoking public hatred against conservatives in a manner that echoes the way Nazis provoked hatred toward Jews during the Holocaust.” The implication to mass outrage from the left and ultimately, her firing.

“She was an absolute sweetheart. Super nice fucking person,” Burr, who plays Migs Mayfield on the Disney+ series, said of his former c0-star, blasting cancel culture.

“How do you hold up you judging somebody that harshly? I’m not talking about the hardcore shit like sexual assault and rape and stuff. I’m not talking about that. Now it’s becoming, like, ‘Hey you made an ignorant comparison. There goes your dream.’ I look at that and say, ‘Who the fuck stands up to that?’” he asked.

In 2019, during an appearance on the Daily Beast podcast The Last Laugh, following the release of his Netflix special Paper Tiger, Burr continued to blast cancel culture while noting then-President Trump’s ability to withstand media scrutiny.
“What blew me away watching Trump do what he did, the things that he said in the past would take down somebody’s campaign,” Burr said. “Or you thought it would if you said those things and the media would be all over him and that would be it.”

“It’s kind of blown me away that in four years, it doesn’t look like anybody is going to [be able to beat Trump]. It’s like a pay-per-view fight, I want to see a good fight here. I don’t want to see Tyson-McNeeley,” he added.

Author : Hannah Bleau

Source : Breitbart : Comedian Bill Burr Blasts CNN, MSNBC, Fox for Obsessively Covering Trump: ‘Treasonous, Un-American Pieces of S**t’