Congressman Joe Cunningham Cracks A Beer On The House Floor

David HooksteadDecember 18, 20203min

Democrat Congressman Joe Cunningham had himself a day on the House floor Thursday.

In a video posted by J.D. Durkin, the outgoing Representative from South Carolina was sharing a few words when he reached into his pocket, grabbed a beer and cracked it open.

According to Durkin, he previously tried to bring a six-pack, but failed. Well, he succeeded this time. Give it a watch below.

My friends, I don’t care who you vote for or support politically, you have to admit that’s a damn funny video.

Cunningham’s actions are what America should be about. This is a prime example of what it means to be a chill dude.

Can’t bring a six-pack? That’s fine. I’ll just sneak one in my jacket, roll on up to the mic and crack that bad boy open like it’s nothing.

What is anyone going to do? Cunningham isn’t returning. This is the end of the line for him, and he’s going out with his boots on and a cold beer in his hand.

If you don’t respect that, then you’re no fan of mine

Props to Cunningham for reminding the entire country that it’s okay to drink a beer where you feel like it.

Author : David Hookstead

Source : Daily Caller : Congressman Joe Cunningham Cracks A Beer On The House Floor