Convoy Organizer Tamara Lich Denied Bail For Mischief


“Star Wars” creator George Lucas deserves a lot of credit, as he managed to get a few things right in the middle. He also made three movies about the Skywalker saga. Actually, the first three depend on whether you start at the beginning or go by the release date. But more about that later.

On Tuesday, I wrote about Tamara Lich, Canadian Trucker Protest Organiser, being held today at a bail hearing. Since Thursday’s arrest, she had been in jail. Her bail and release should have been an easy matter.

We are discovering here in the States that the Canadian system is very balanced, despite having a lot of checks.

Trudeau and his brown shirts, in training, passed the Emergencies Act 185 to 151. Trudeau can continue to roam the country, searching for those who will oppose their mandates, for another 30 days. They do it because they care so much.

Tamara Lich had her bail hearing and the judge denied it. So Ms. Lich will be in jail until her next court date, which is expected to take place in March.

Can’t you see the nitpickiness that drips from this judge, and really from the author of this article? The CBC is essentially Canadian-sponsored Pravda. But, I’m not going to argue with you. The truckers and their supporters have not done a freedom convoy, kids.

In Canada, if you’re counseling to commit mischief, can be kept in jail for a period of time. If your Prime Minister is upset that you didn’t comply with his mandates, you could be held hostage until he does so.

Again, while I am aware that American and Canadian justice systems are very different, it is worth considering.

Mischief in Canada means…

*Protest peacefully in your capital. Sorry, horns bother you. But mandates from the government based upon feelings bug even more people.

*You can have your bank account frozen if you raise money for the peaceful protestors. You can even donate to this cause and have your bank account frozen.

* Do not disagree with the government. That is, in essence, not doing it at all.

All things are mischievous indeed.

Everything the judge has done, and by extension, Prime Minister Castro Trudeau is making Tamara Lich and others famous. They are now much more popular than they were just a few days ago. Their overreaction is 100 percent to the fact that this happened. Even those who cheer this outcome online are only aiding her cause by their misplaced joy. You would be chastised, but I am okay with you continuing because history is full of examples of how these things end up in the light of this kind of government idiocy.

Let’s look back at a famous scene from Star Wars, the nine-movie series. It could be the third or sixth film, depending on how you view it. This is the scene that liberals and progressives love to share. Fear of democracy being overthrown by a strong-armed dictator such as Donald Trump or a conservative like Stephen Harper in Canada. These people are always talking about taking away rights, but I don’t recall any of the actions Trudeau just did being done in Canada or the USA during Trump.

Here you go, fascist lovers. It won’t be enjoyable if it is you at the end of the stick.

Applause or truck horns.