COVID Testing Brings Hours Long Lines


Poor patient suffering from serious symptoms who needs a COVID test. In some cases, early intervention is necessary to save a life, in other cases, it’s necessary as a condition of a very urgent procedure. Weep for the worker who is required to be tested by his employer or risk losing work hours or being fired. Weep for the caregiver who takes extra time to help someone who is too weak to care for herself and must now wait in endless lines to get that vital nasal swabbing.

Imagine a deadly pandemic of this variant. Unless they get a positive test, victims won’t know they have it. The COVID-panicked is a new type of Karen, who has turned inward her control tendencies and will do all she can to ensure that the disease never spreads. It is therefore crucial that she get tested… regardless of what.

This is not the fault of COVID-panicked individuals. They are being terrorized by the “experts”, from the White House down to local news, with terrifying predictions of doom if they get the dreadful disease.

The establishment pushes for more testing to add to panicked individuals’ certainty that COVID is a death sentence. People who travel, work or shop for food, as well as those trying to attend school, are subject to increased testing. COVID testing is also being increased by the federal and state governments, just because. In an almost predictable (intentional?) way, COVID testing is increasing in both the federal and state governments. In a vicious circle, more testing equals greater reporting of cases. This equals panic which in turn equals more testing.

Unfettered fear combined with the push of the establishment to get tested simply because it’s the right thing, has created a nightmare situation for those who have a legitimate need to be tested. As testing centers grow, so does the number of people who are being tested. And it continues to grow. Keep growing. 

These people are not ordinary. They wait in freezing temperatures for hours to get a COVID test. WBUR interviewed one of them.

Linda Roberts was at the back of the line and said that it was the second place she visited just that day to get a test. According to the Boston resident, she was refused treatment at another clinic in her neighborhood that morning.

Roberts stated that she felt fine but was concerned about her health after spending Christmas with her family.

Perhaps offering free testing to anyone who wants it is not the best policy. Just a thought.

Governor Charlie Baker has called for an end to the Massachusetts test shortage. Charlie Baker addressed the issue at a press conference held on Thursday. He asked for patience, but he also said that panic and patience are not compatible.

He spoke of a program that allows communities to purchase home testing kits at a discounted price and then distribute them to their residents. Baker stated that he believes as cities and municipalities order — there are millions and even millions of tests available — they should ease some of the strain on those testing sites.

Last month, President Joe Biden held his own press conference. He announced that the federal government would purchase half a million test kits. The federal government will begin mailing them free of charge to everyone who requests them. I don’t know which to cringe at most: the possibility of yet another haphazardly assembled government healthcare website going down, or the idea of taxpayer money being used to incinerate people who have been terrorized by the left so they feel a little more in control.

The fact that the Omicron variant is less dangerous than its predecessors is lost in all the panic. While anyone suffering from medical problems should avoid infection, I have heard many people refer to omicron as “nature’s vaccine.” This seems counterintuitive as it drives massively increased testing and predictable spikes of case counts. Instead, they focus on actual illness. Omicron appears to be following its natural course of becoming more transmissible, but less deadly. However, this is the path our doctors are recommending.

A technician from a large Northeastern healthcare system said that there are people who overcrowd the emergency room and testing sites because they’re afraid. They’ll line up or cram into waiting rooms with people who have COVID. This exposes them and adds to the stress and overcrowding in the system.

He said, “Do not go to the emergency department for COVID testing.”