Dan Bongino Fires Up CPAC Crowd: Democrats Are Playing For Keeps And Conservatives Need To Act


Conservative radio host Dan Bongino fired up the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference and called for conservatives to take action.

“Talk is great. The do matters,” the conservative commentator and former Secret Service agent told the CPAC crowd gathered in Orlando, Florida, on Friday night.

Bongino said that “issue fights” over policy are “great” but that the real battle was for the “very fabric of our country.”

“These people are playing for keeps,” Bongino added, referring to Democrats. “They are not kidding.”

Bongino also told the crowd that they should hold their heads high, knowing they are “on the right side of everything.”

Bongino also encouraged conservatives not to be discouraged by censorship from Big Tech and promised to continue creating new platforms, such as his work with Parler and Rumble, if those platforms are shut down.

“You want to cancel us off Twitter? We’ll start Parler. You want to cancel Parler? I’ll start Parler 2. You want to cancel Parler 2? I’ll start another platform after that,” Bongino told the crowd. “You want to dump a server farm? I’ll buy a server farm. You want to shut down a cloud support? I’ll start a cloud company too. You want to do DDoS? What do you want, anybody? I’ll do it all. Payment processors? S—, I’ll start a bank with you, if you want. I will start up whatever you want.”

Former President Donald Trump will address the CPAC audience on Sunday in a speech that many believe will set the tone for his political future.

Author: Andrew Mark Miller

Source: Washington Examiner: Dan Bongino fires up CPAC crowd: Democrats are ‘playing for keeps’ and conservatives need to act