Democratic Cities Are Literally Toilets and Libs Are Okay With That


I enjoyed taking road trips down the west side, and Seattle was my favorite. That is why I haven’t been back in 10 years.

The graffiti on Portland and Seattle’s walls was already there in 2011. I was stunned to see the number of homeless people walking on the streets near a Portland comedy club.

Portland was fantastic. It was great.

I no longer live in New York City. It is my fear of having my face shaved by a boxcutter, or my oxfords (not my brogues) covered with street urine.

Eight years of Comrade Bill de Blasio’s “leadership” has decimated another American town.

Sometimes, you might get trou from the homeless. Welcome to The Big Crapple.

What’s the deal with big blue cities and their willingness to take the human waste out on the streets?

TR International was once a major chemical corporation. They were ashamed of their business associates who had to take care of homeless waste.

This Philadelphia City of Brotherly Excreta is

Some homeless people started carpet-bombing an NYC church in 2017

Bolshie-Americans are aware of how dangerous this is. Do they even care? What can they say about poor waste disposal?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 2.2 million people are affected by diarrhoeal disease each year.

Children, the poor, and the marginalized.

Democrats have spent decades pretending that they care about the poor. It would be shameful to see their anger at street feces that are up to ankle-deep.

Dr. Lee Riley is an infectious disease expert and did a study that found San Francisco to be as filthy as any third-world slum.

This is more severe than in India and Kenya. Extreme contamination is the result.

In the 2016-2017 fiscal year, San Francisco spent $30,000,000 cleaning up needles. Every “San Francisco treat”, must be removed from the sidewalks no later than 30 minutes.

Scattleground California

The 180-pound weight was discovered by a 2021 Los Angeles cleanup crew. human scat and 544lbs. Echo Beach, L.A. urine Venice Beach was once a beatnik beach.

A 2019 study found that 82% of the west coast beaches had been contaminated by “biosludge”. This is …

It is difficult to feel compassion for those who continue to vote for pinko politicians and their destructive “woke” policies. These leftists don’t vote for bigoty conservatives who will clean up their streets.

Adelita Orellana, a teacher in San Francisco, is Adelita. Adelita Orellana is a teacher from San Francisco.

The west coast is awake as a Red Bull factory methhead. We all know what happens to cities and people when they go “woke “. ”