Democrats Can’t Stand That Manchin Is Right

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., adjusts his face mask as he arrives for votes on Biden administration nominees, at the Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, March 16, 2021. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D.Mogadishu), who is the moral star of todays Democrat party’s Democrat party (D.W.Va.), is upset with Sen. Joe Manchin for rejecting Biden’s outrageously costly and wasteful climate change fantasy bill and socialism. This could pose a serious threat to Manchin’s status as a sane member of the party of liars and looters.

Velshi quoted Manchin as saying, “I’ve tried every humanly possible, but I can’t get there. I have tried everything I know to do in this area of legislation.”

Omar laughed at this and then added, “Uh…I mean, we all knew that Senator Manchin couldn’t be trusted.” You know, the excuses he made are completely ridiculous. Um, West Virginia’s families would be greatly benefited by having long-term elder care and support for people with disabilities. They would be able to benefit from the expansion of child tax credits. Access to pre-K will be a benefit. There are so many things West Virginians need. We know that he does not work for their interests. His reasoning is just plain disgusting to me.”

Omar reaffirmed her condemnation of Manchin by tweeting “Let’s get clear: Manchin is a bulls**t. West Virginians would directly benefit from pre-Medicare expansion and long-term care. This is exactly what happened if we separated Build Back Better and infrastructure.” Omar added another tweet “West Virginia is 50th [in public health], 50th [in childcare] 48th[in employment]. By a 43-point margin, they support Build Back Better. It has nothing to do with his constituents. This is about corruption and self-interest by a coal baron.

Stephen Miller, a former Trump aide, retorted at the new West Virginia expert: “Quick Question: Can you explain how West Virginians or other American states would benefit from Big Tech Titans providing uncapped foreign workers (instead of hiring workers from the U.S.A.)?” This was a Zuckerberg-backed provision in every …” draft.

Omar’s assertion that West Virginia supports Build Back Better is false. In 2020 the Mountain State gave Trump 68.6% while Old Joe Biden received only 29.7%. It is clear that West Virginians reject socialism. They understand that politicians who promise free stuff are not the people who will pay. It’s not unlikely that they will be turning out in large numbers for socialism, and the destruction of America’s economy just a year later.

Omar’s crude dismissal of Manchin’s explanation of why she opposed the bill was incorrect. He understands that West Virginians do not want a heavy tax burden or the destruction of its coal industry to pursue climate change fantasies. This is because they are willing to hand over economic power in the world to China. Manchin’s response was typical of the far Left’s attitude to everyone and everything: arrogant and contemptuous, complacently confident in their superior knowledge, and wisdom. Ilhan Omar, her associates, and their ilk believe they are better than West Virginians at what is best for West Virginians. They also know what’s best for us all. The Left will continue to exert control and arrogate power, regardless of Joe Manchin’s participation, and behave in an increasingly authoritarian fashion until their dishonesty, wrongheadedness, and incompetent behavior is evident to all, but no one can do anything about it.