Democrats Endorse Transitioning Kids, Even Though They Are Losing


Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis is a superpower. Whatever he implements or supports in Florida, Democrats are 100% against it. This led to the declowning and retaliation of Democrat governors in the Florida pandemic. It also saw record levels of net migration to Florida and DeSantis’s role in driving Biden’s economic recovery. Democrats are so afraid of DeSantis’s national appeal within the Republican Party, that even the Biden government comes out against whatever Florida is doing.

DeSantis only picks issues that 80% of Americans agree on. He signed the Parental Rights In Education bill earlier in the week. It bans schools from teaching sex education, gender ideology, and sexual preference to students in kindergarten through third grade. These subjects must also be taught at an appropriate age. More than 2/3 of Americans support the legislation according to polls. Even the majority of Florida Democrat primary voters support it.

These poll numbers would suggest that Democrats would be against the radical transgender ideology driving the legislation. It allowed Will Thomas, formerly Will Thomas, to win the NCAA Women’s 500 Freestyle. Instead, the Biden administration stepped in to support medically-transitioning children.

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Population Affairs released on Thursday a document entitled “Gender Affirming Care and Young People.” A similar release was issued by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (NCTSN). The agency called theirs “Gender Affirming Care is Trauma-Informed care.” Perhaps both should have been called “The Insane Proposition to Allow Minors to Make Life-Altering Medical Decisions That Include Genital Mutilation.”

OPA documents classify hormone therapy, puberty-blocking medications, and gender-affirming surgery for children as “gender-affirming care.” However, it does not mention that these medications can cause irreversible side effects or other health risks. None have been approved by the FDA to be used in transitioning children. The OPA does not provide data or information about the growing number of young people who choose to de-transition.

According to the document, gender-affirming care can improve the mental health and the overall well-being of gender-diverse kids. These statements are not in dispute. Courts in the U.K. have recently banned hormone therapy and puberty blockers for children below 16. Finland warns against the use of hormones and surgery to treat gender dysphoria in children. This is due to the uncertain nature of the benefits. The nation instead prioritizes psychotherapy and doesn’t offer transition for children younger than 18. Strangely, Democrats and academics in America are moving in the opposite direction.

NCTSN suggests that adults believe what their children say about their gender identity, and then affirm it. Evidently, none of the staff members of this agency have ever read Lord of the Flies. They may not have ever met children; children need guidance, correction, and redirection. These agencies believe children should be in control, not guided or questioned. It would be better if you didn’t question transgender orthodoxy.

To coincide with the publication of these guidelines, President Biden chose to address transgender Americans on “Transgender Day of Visibility.” Thomas was standing to accept his trophy at NCAA with full twigs and berries in his women’s swimming suit. Every year, the queer and transgender community is featured in every corporate logo. They are even present at high-level Disney meetings. Yet, Biden still had to speak.

He said, “To all celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility I want to tell you that your president sees and respects you.” “Jill Kamala, Doug. Our entire administration sees your transgender identity for what it is.” He then waxed poetically about how little respect trans people get. It was as if a significant percentage of the population doesn’t feel comfortable coddling transgender individuals avoid backlash. Fear of personal destruction, even the female swimmers who lost against Thomas hesitated in speaking out.

It is important that Democrats continue to address issues that are of concern to less than 20% of Americans. This issue is unlikely to be a winner in November as the majority of Americans struggle with record inflation, security risks posed due to a wide-open border at the southern border, rising crime, and uncertainty from the conflict in Ukraine.