Democrats Trust The Taliban More Than Their Fellow Americans


Now that the Taliban are going door to door, hunting and executing Afghans who worked for the United States, Democrats want everyone to know that conservatives in the U.S. are just as dangerous — or even worse.

“Why should our soldiers be fighting radicals in a civil war in Afghanistan? We’ve got our own on Capitol Hill,” CBS’s Stephen Colbert said this week, fresh from partying with the Obamas in Martha’s Vineyard.

“Their Taliban, our Taliban, everybody’s got a Taliban,” filmmaker Michael Moore tweeted last week while sharing a side-by-side comparison of the Jan. 6 rioters and Taliban militants. “They’re at their best when they confiscate the halls of power.”

MSNBC columnist Dean Obeidallah even compared abortion laws favored by conservatives, laws less restrictive than those in most European countries, to how the Taliban treat women.

“Over the last few days, the airwaves have been filled with Republicans voicing their deep concern over the rights of the women of Afghanistan,” he wrote. “And yet, I have to wonder where these voices were when extremists, based on a narrow reading of their religion’s beliefs, enacted a law that forces a woman who was raped to carry the fetus of the rapist to term? That same law makes it a crime for anyone to assist that woman in trying to abort the rapist’s fetus.”

Also at MSNBC, host Joy Reid couldn’t resist using the Left’s favorite dystopian fiction to compare the Taliban and conservatives.

“This is the real-life Handmaid’s Tale — a true cautionary tale for the U.S., which has our own far religious Right dreaming of a theocracy that would impose a particular brand of Christianity, drive women from the workforce and solely into childbirth, and control all politics,” she said.

Then there’s the Washington Post, which defended Twitter’s choice to ban former President Donald Trump while allowing the Taliban to keep tweeting.

“Trump’s posts for years challenged platform rules against hate speech and inciting violence,” the Washington Post wrote. “Today’s Taliban, by and large, does not.”

The Taliban don’t incite violence? Really?

Taliban forces are executing “detained soldiers, police, and civilians with alleged ties to the Afghan government,” according to Human Rights Watch . Members of the terrorist organization are also reportedly going door to door in search of “traitors” who collaborated with NATO forces or the now-fallen Afghan government. Taliban hunters are also threatening the family members of suspected “traitors.”

“It is in writing that unless they give themselves in, the Taliban will arrest and prosecute, interrogate, and punish family members on behalf of those individuals,” the Norwegian Center for Global Analyses’s Christian Nellemann said.

Taliban fighters violently dispersed a pro-liberty demonstration this week in Jalalabad, killing one and injuring several more after demonstrators removed the terrorist group’s flag and replaced it with the flag of Afghanistan.

Leftists’ inability to distinguish between the barbaric violence of the Taliban on display this week and Americans who disagree with them politically makes for a truly disturbing statement about their judgment in all matters.

Author : Washington Examiner

Source : Washington Examiner : Democrats trust the Taliban more than their fellow Americans