Denver Group Threw Tantrum, Trying to Get Gina Carano Banned from Event


Gina Carano is a wonderful actress but refuses to follow the Hollywood ideology bubble. The left tried to cancel her in every way possible. It hasn’t worked out, as it turns out. Her fan base is stronger than ever and she’s working with the Daily Wire on films featuring “Terror on the Prarie”.

Carano will be appearing at Fan Expo Denver. But, true to form, leftists don’t like her having the spotlight and want it taken away from her for not conforming to their rigid ideology.

Pop Culture Classroom, a group calling itself Pop Culture Classroom, has been openly pressing the Expo to remove Carano. Bounding Into Comics first reported that the group claimed that Carano’s past comments and actions were in direct conflict with our organization’s mission to celebrate diversity and create inclusive pop culture spaces where everyone feels welcome.

These alleged comments were not included by PCC, and I wouldn’t wait for them if I were you.

The group stated that they had expressed their opposition to FAN EXPO Denver and that Carano would not participate in any educational programs or activities of Pop Culture Classroom during the event.

Since Carano refused to use her pronouns on her Twitter bio, she has been the target of hateful leftist attacks. Leftist groups and Twitter mobs relentlessly campaigned for Carano to be fired from Disney’s “The Mandalorian.” Disney used a tweet Carano sent as an excuse.

Carano explained in the tweet that “othering one another” leads to a very dangerous path. He also said that Nazi Germany was able to capture Jewish people because their neighbors were willing to surrender them to them. Disney knew it wasn’t offensive and fired Carano immediately.

Carano’s tweet was not offensive, of course. She has never tweeted anything that could have been considered offensive or mean. She has never tweeted anything that could be considered racist. These groups either don’t know or don’t care about this fact, or they are so enamored with the narrative that it’s not worth questioning.

Fan Expo Denver should not take any action but allow Carano to meet her fans at the event. If the PCC decides that Carano’s inclusion is unacceptable, then so be it. Expo will have eliminated an intolerant and toxic group.